Mixer Is Still Way Behind Twitch and YouTube

by in Entertainment | Nov, 7th 2019

Mixer may be snatching up big-name streamers left and right from Twitch, but the platform is continuing to struggle in growing both its engagement levels and userbase according to third-quarter results. In fact, despite picking up big name streamers like Ninja, Mixer viewership continues to decline.

How Was the Third Quarter?

While the Microsoft-owned streaming site may have picked up the likes of Ninja and Shroud to lure viewers over to the platform, Mixer has only managed to garner 90 million hours watched over 32 million hours streamed. That’s approximately 2.8 hours spent watching per person visiting the site.

Even though those numbers may look great in isolation, they’re pretty weak compared to their main competition in Twitch and YouTube.

Amazon-owned Twitch garnered over 2.5 billion hours of watch-time over the quarter off of 87 million of streamed content, or approximately 28.7 hours watched per person who visits the site.

Google-owned YouTube had even better metrics in terms of average watch-time, with the video-hosting site generating 675 million hours of gameplay watched off of a mere 11 million of streaming, coming out an average of 61.3 hours of watched content for each person visiting.

While Mixer is pulling ahead of YouTube in terms of the amount of time people are streaming on their platform, their average time spent watching is a little less than their rival platform, and even their raw hours watched is still almost an eighth of YouTube’s.

raw Mixer viewership is even worse compared to Twitch, though the gap is slightly closer in average hours watched per user, though the significantly higher hours streamed by Twitch is a major factor in that number being so low for them.

Analysis: Why Use Mixer?

Mixer’s major problem right now isn’t getting big-name streamers or providing a smooth streaming experience.

Their problem is that there’s no reason to stay on the platform over other, more established sites like Twitch or YouTube. As the current Mixer viewership demonstrates, just adding big names like Ninja to your platform clearly isn’t enough to attract viewers.

Twitch has Twitch Prime to give you free monthly subscriptions and in-game loot, while YouTube has been the internet’s home for VoD’s and traditional video content for a while.

Yes, Mixer may have more forgiving moderation of its content, or at least appears to so far, but that isn’t going to matter for your average user or viewer.

You can already see it in Ninja’s viewership plummeting and the still low viewership for anyone else on the site.

Microsoft needs to find something they can add to the platform that their competition doesn’t have, or else this platform is just going to fizzle out in the long-term.


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