Ninja Made $5 Million Income in a Month From Fortnite Creator Code

by in Entertainment | May, 17th 2021

Tyler “Ninja” Blevins is one of the most prominent content creators in the game industry, known across the world and even to those who aren’t gamers themselves. As such, he has made a lot of money during his career, but quite a bit, specifically, from the Fortnite Support a Creator program.

Fortnite Support a Creator Program Explained

The Fortnite Support a Creator was created by Epic Games to ensure that players have a way to give back not just to the developer of the battle royale title but their favorite Twitch and YouTube creators as well. The program is essentially a sponsored sale of items in a way.

When a user in Fortnite puts in the code for the creator that they like to follow online when purchasing something in the item shop, that creator will get a portion of the sales given to them as revenue. In a way, you could look at it like the content creator is getting a commission of sorts.

Like when you are watching your favorite YouTuber or listening to your favorite podcast, and a particular company sponsors them for that day. They’ll say to go to a certain link to sign up or use a particular promo code, and they will get a commission; it’s similar to that, but without Epic directly sponsoring the player themselves.

Instead, it’s quite easy for someone to be part of the Fortnite Support a Creator and have their own code for players to use when purchasing items in the battle royale game. Given that Ninja is one of the most popular content creators on the planet, it is no surprise that he generated more income from his Creator Code than most everyone else.

Ninja Made $5 Million From the Program

In fact, Ninja revealed the most money he has ever made from the Fortnite Support a Creator at one time in a recent stream. With the loss of Mixer as his primary streaming place, he has returned to his old stomping grounds at Twitch occasionally to live stream for his fans.

Not only has he returned to Twitch, but Fortnite as well. With his recent Fortnite stream, Ninja talked a good bit about the battle royale game as well as his own time with it. As part of this, he even addressed the craziest month he ever had in terms of revenue from the Support a Creator Code program.

In a single month, Ninja was reportedly able to get a whopping $5 million USD from the Fortnite Support a Creator alone. This has nothing to do with the Twitch subscribers he had, bits that he might have received, ad revenue from outside sponsorships, or even the huge deals in place for him.

This money came from none of those sources. In one month alone, he was able to get $5 million from the Fortnite Support a Creator program. That means that so many players went out and bought enough items to generate that much commission for the streamer.

How the Creator Commission Percentage Works

That is an insane amount of money that someone could very well live off of for a good while, and he earned in a single month from a relative niche corner of his business. To put that into perspective, this is a fraction of the revenue from the item shop that Ninja got for every purchase made with his specific code.

That percentage is only 5% from what we know about Epic Games has it work, meaning that even with only a 5% cut, he was able to make that much money in a month; not the total time that players have been using it, which would have made a bit more sense honestly.

This essentially means that players using the Ninja Creator Code in Fortnite spent about $100 million on Fortnite items in the item shop in that one month alone. And, presumably, not every single person on the planet who bought Fortnite cosmetics that month used his code, so the actual revenue that Epic made then must have been one of the strongest in the time since the game launched.

Unfortunately, the actual month and year his Creator Code generated this income were not revealed by Ninja in the stream, so it is currently unknown when that was the case. More than likely, it was during the peak of the Fortnite craze, perhaps around the time of the end of Chapter 1 and the beginning of Chapter 2 with the destruction of the original island in 2019.

Will Ninja Go Back to Streaming Fortnite Regularly?

It remains to be seen what Ninja will do for himself from now on. Microsoft originally signed an unbelievable $50 million exclusivity deal to stream solely with the Xbox company’s own Mixer service, but that only lasted for so long until its demise, despite the strong efforts.

Since then, Ninja has largely been a free agent, doing content on both YouTube and Twitch, and it seems that it could continue this way for now. While Fortnite is the game that put Blevins on the map and skyrocketed himself, streaming, and even Twitch to new heights, he hasn’t been streaming there that often.

When he does stream, it is usually Valorant or League of Legends, interestingly enough. Ninja has notoriously been one of the harshest critics of Fortnite, never holding back when he doesn’t like a weapon, gameplay change, or season.

Perhaps the current season 6 is one that he is a fan of, with the crafting system, animals roaming the island, and map changes on the island. That said, it could just be that he hasn’t played in so long that he simply wanted to check back in for that recent stream.


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