Ninja Believes Fortnite Should Learn From Warzone Gulag System

by in Call of Duty | Mar, 30th 2020

Popular Mixer content creator Tyler “Ninja” Blevins revealed recently on stream that he thinks that Fortnite battle royale has a thing or two to learn from the recently released Call of Duty battle royale spin-off game, Warzone. He, specifically, thinks this about the Warzone Gulag system.

Ninja Thinks Gulag Could Work in Fortnite

In a video posted on YouTube by user Daily Clips Central, there are several scenes of Ninja recently on streams. The very beginning of the video shows off one particular scene where Ninja is talking about the changes that he would like to see happen in Fortnite battle royale.

In the clip, he wonders about whether or not Epic Games will do anything to try and compete with the Call of Duty Warzone Gulag system. He doesn’t necessarily think that it would have to be on the competitive side of things but could work well in the non-competitive battle royale modes.

For Ninja, in particular, he thinks that some sort of way of getting back into the battle royale match would be “pretty dope.” This is because Warzone has many more players in battle royale with up to 150 in a single match whereas Fortnite has only 100 in each of its solo, duos, and squads matches.

He even noted that in most matches, around 75% of the players in the entire match would be eliminated before the first circle is even done closing in with the storm. Because of this, he would like to see a way for the game to start bringing those player counts back up and staying steady.

What Else Ninja Thinks Could Work

His own opinion is that they could do something like 125 players in solos matches, around 126 or so in duos, and so on. This would increase the player counts and allow for more players to survive until the second circle. However, the problem that he notes with this is that players might not spread out in a case like this.

Instead, they will simply still probably go to the same locations in season two as always. This could end up with around 40 players or so heading to The Agency in the middle of the map where there are already too many players and not enough weapons to go around.

As such, this is a great way for the Call of Duty Warzone Gulag system to be introduced into Fortnite or a similar method of keeping players in the game. We have already brought up how the Gulag system is wonderful in a recent blog post and we want to see it implemented in other battle royale titles, so it is great to see that Ninja agrees.

The Warzone Gulag system is one of the best parts of the entire game and it is something that many battle royale games, not just Fortnite, could benefit from implementing. This also includes the other major games like Blackout, PUBG, and Apex Legends.

What Is Gulag?

If you aren’t familiar with the Gulag system, it is a new mechanic introduced in Warzone that is an alternative way of getting a respawn in the game where the last person or squad standing is the winner. While other respawns exist, the Gulag method is the simplest way of coming back.

For a good portion of each battle royale match in Warzone, the Gulag prison is open for players who die in the match. For the first death that you have in each of the matches, you will be sent as a prisoner to Gulag. There, you will await your turn as the other players fight each other.

When it is your turn, you will have the chance to enter the fighting ring against one other player who died and fight to the death. Whoever wins the fight will earn their right to immediately enter the battle royale match once again for free.

But if the time runs out and no one kills each other, then no one comes back. You can still come back through your teammates using money to bring you back but that is the only other way of coming back from the dead in the battle royale matches.

It rewards the skilled players or those who are cunning with finding a way to easily take out their fellow dead player and earning their right back into the fight. In this way, it ensures that not only are there a lot of players in each Warzone match but the numbers only gradually decrease.

This is in contrast to games like Fortnite where the players will suddenly and out of nowhere decrease in number within only a few minutes. Of course, this also has to do with other factors like the size of the battle royale island and the like, but it can be a problem for some.

How Gulag Could Help Fortnite Battle Royale

Introducing a Gulag-like system would be one way to alleviate this as players would be less likely to leave the match upon their death as they would have the chance to possibly come back. However, we don’t think that Fortnite should outright copy this but find its way to implement it.

It would be interesting if, instead of eliminating one another in a one on one duel, players had to do some sort of other challenge to come back. Maybe they have to find some item first, or capture a point, or earn points through certain tasks to earn their way back onto the island.

Epic Games is known for taking some ideas from other games like Apex Legends and changing it up to work within it. In the past, it has been inspired by stuff like the original respawn system in Apex, the ping system for notifying your teammates, and more.

So, we wouldn’t be surprised the Warzone Gulag system finds its way into Fortnite in the future in some format. But it could be a while until then as Warzone is still relatively new and it would take some time for Epic Games to develop its version of the prisoner respawn system.


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