Ninja Announces His Own Fortnite Tournament Series

by in Fortnite | May, 28th 2020

We see new Fortnite tournaments showing up but this latest one is rather interesting since it is all being hosted by a particular content creator who won’t be likely participating himself. Tyler “Ninja” Blevins has announced his own Ninja Battles Fortnite tournament series coming soon. 

Ninja Is Hosting a Fortnite Tournament

The popular content creator and Mixer streamer revealed on Twitter that he will be hosting his Fortnite tournament to join the ranks of what already exists, rather than playing in the event himself. The best part about it is that it is coming very, very soon and will have a whole lot of money. 

While Epic Games has been rather light on the esports content this year thus far, it looks like Ninja will be picking up the slack some with the Ninja Battles Fortnite tournament series that begins very soon. How soon? Well, the first event in the tournament will kick off later today.

The announcement of the Ninja Battles Fortnite tournament series comes right before the launch of the very first event. It will be held later today at around noon PT, or approximately 3 p.m. ET on Thursday, May 28. This is a tournament series, so this one is only the first of several to come. 

For the most part, the tournament series schedule will run with each event happening on every Thursday at the same starting time, beginning today and running for six weeks through June and into July. The tournament series will conclude with its sixth and final event on July 2. 

Who Will Participate in the Event

Overall, this is a pretty interesting move for the Mixer streamer to host his tournament, so if you want to watch it, it looks like there is only one place to do so. Ninja noted that the community will be able to watch these events live as they happen on his Mixer channel

Interestingly enough, he didn’t note if that is the only place to watch the Ninja Battles Fortnite tournament series, but he also didn’t say that the participants in the events would be streaming it so it is hard to say for now as we head into the first of six events. 

As for who will be participating in these events, it will be composed of 60 players from around the world who are among the very best Fortnite players that you likely already know and love. Many of these players already have their streaming channel, so it seems odd for them to not stream it as well so we expect this will likely be the case. 

If you aren’t a fan of Mixer, make sure to head to your favorite player’s channel from among the 60 and see if they are streaming the event live while it happens. While we don’t have a full list of all of the players who will be competing, we do know that some of them include major players like Ewok, Reverse2k, and the World Champion himself Bugha. 

Format and Prize Details

With star-studded names in Fortnite like that, you can certainly expect the Ninja Battles Fortnite tournament series to have some of the same high level of quality and competition that you would normally expect from a competitive battle royale event like this. 

The actual format of the event hasn’t been revealed, so it is uncertain if the 60 players will simply battle it out in a custom battle royale game match to see who will be the last one standing or if it will follow the points-based system that other tournaments have of each player competing in as many matches as they can for points during a certain time. 

Since the tournament series is so new, it will take some time for us to find out more details regarding how the schedule and format will work. That said, we certainly do know that there will be a lot of money on the line for the 60 amazing Fortnite players who will be participating in the event. 

With six events happening, each of the weekly tournaments will have $80,000 in total prize money available on each Thursday. This makes for a total grand prize pool of around $480,000, which is quite impressive for something hosted by a Fortnite player himself. 

Commentary and Other Details About the Weekly Events

The breakdown of how the prizes will be divided hasn’t been revealed, either, but it is not likely that the winner of each weekly event will get all of the money. Ninja himself doesn’t seem to be the one who will be commentating on the events, as there are broadcasters hired just for that. 

BallaTW and MonsterDface will be the hosts for the event, giving fans the play-by-play coverage of everything that is happening in the matches that happen in the tournament series. As for the players, they will, of course, be playing in this event remotely from their location of choice. 

Overall, this is a surprising but great move from Ninja who has been, up until this point, mainly a competitor himself in various Fortnite competitions. With the popularity and recognition that he has in the community, there is no other streamer out there better suited for hosting their event. 

Given that Epic Games has been rather slow at releasing official events this year, it is certainly welcome for someone like Ninja to step up and fill the gap this summer with his tournament series.

While it isn’t quite on the caliber of the World Cup that happened last year, it helps to make up for the loss of that and other events this year with everything going on in the world. If you’re interested in this event, don’t miss it later today, Thursday, May 28 at noon PT.


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