Nickmercs Signs Exclusivity Deal with Twitch

by in Fortnite | Oct, 1st 2019

It’s only been a month since Nickeh30 jumped ship from streaming on YouTube to Twitch and already we’re seeing more big-ticket names get swooped up by the stream-hosting giant.

This time, however, it’s one whose already been on the platform streaming for a long time: famed Fortnite streamer Nickmercs.

Nick, who left 100 Thieves several months ago for rival team FaZe Clan, made the announcement at Twitchcon this past weekend, has been one of the biggest names in Fortnite streaming all year, and with Tfue taking a break from streaming and Ninja moving to exclusivity on Mixer, has taken over as the site’s unofficial mascot.

After the announcement was reported by The Hollywood Reporter, Nick took to Twitter to thanks his fans and mention how excited he was for what’s to come.

No details have been released about the value of the Nickmercs Twitch exclusivity deal, how long it lasts or any other requirements and benefits he had out of the contract, though given he’s officially affiliated with Twitch he’ll have to be more cautious now.

Higher Standards

Twitch has been inconsistent, to say the least, with its rulings on player bans and suspensions over the past year, and this contract will likely put Nickmercs under a much heavier microscope to watch and make sure he doesn’t damage Twitch’s brand.

He’ll likely have to watch more of what he says and be less critical of any move the company makes, though Twitch may also be willing to let some things slide a bit more so as to not lose out on the money the deal with him cost.

War of Exclusives

The signing of Nickmercs marks an escalation in the now heating up battle over streamer exclusivity that began earlier in the summer when Mixer signed Ninja to a four-year, 10 million dollar contract to stream exclusively on the platform, stealing the biggest name in streaming away from his home on Twitch.

Since then, Twitch has gone out of their way to begin signing big names in their library to exclusivity deals, and attempted to poach some from YouTube as well.

YouTube has yet to get in on the exclusivity war, though given its focus on content creation we should expect to see names get picked up in the coming months.

As usual, we’ll continue to keep you all updated as this battle for streamers continues.


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