Nickmercs Named As New Co-Owner at Faze Clan

by in Entertainment | Apr, 23rd 2021

In the wake of several rumors and subtle hints, Nick ‘Nickmercs’ Kolcheff has been named as a new co-owner at FaZe Clan. A mention of which was first noticed by our team in a feature by The Verge, but has now been confirmed by our reporters.

Nickmercs and Faze Have Risen to Prominence Together

Nickmercs has been a part of FaZe Clan since May 2019 and has been one of the most popular names on their roster ever since. Prior to joining FaZe Clan, he was a part of the 100 Thieves organization, which he left in May 2019, citing failed promises and poor management.

Nickmercs has become a household name in the Twitch sphere, where his MFAM (the Mercs family) has swelled to become the fourth most subscribed to channel on the site. He averages about 50,000 concurrent viewers on any given stream, which is enough to give him the 18th biggest channel on the site in terms of viewership. He’s been streaming on the site since it was known as, back when he was a professional Gears of War player.

In the feature on Nickmercs, FaZe Clan commented that they want Nick to be the so-called ‘elder statesman’ of FaZe Clan, someone the younger members can look up to.

“More than anything else, what really drew us to say we wanted to work with him is what he had built with MFAM and how he interacted with his fans and the way that he treated every single person around him as if they were family,” Darren Yan, head of talent at FaZe, told The Verge. “He was a jack-of-all-trades. Nick is a very, very unique and special individual. I don’t think someone like him comes often. He’s definitely a generational talent.”

Nickmercs has been making a name for himself for a while now, especially in the Fortnite space, where he has been a staple at events like Friday Fortnite and even once held the record for most squad kills in a single match at 55.

He’s also a social media juggernaut with over 2.4 million subscribers on YouTube, 1.8 million Twitter followers, just to name a few stats. Last year he won the best Livestreamer of the year award at the Streamy Awards and was nominated Content Creator of the Year at The Game Awards 2020.

While his fame has certainly grown since joining FaZe Clan, he’s also become synonymous with the brand. This appointment joins a growing number of creator-owners, following the naming of Valkyrae and Courage as co-owners of 100 Thieves.


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