Nickmercs Dunks on Warzone Update in Epic Rant

by in Call of Duty | Mar, 1st 2021

Nickmercs has some thoughts on Warzone in this rant, that’s for sure. Oh, Warzone. You continue to create controversy and anger everywhere you go. Warzone is fun, sure. It’s an exciting Battle Royale set in the world of Call of Duty. But not everyone is happy with the game as it stands. Nickmercs in particular dropped a pretty heated rant about Warzone’s Season 2 update, calling it horrible. The game is in a worse state than before, according to him. He spent a few hours playing in this update, but he didn’t seem to be too thrilled.

Warzone’s Update Is Less Than Optimal

Or in Nickmerc’s words, “this update is f**ing horrible”! Nickmercs can usually bring the hype in a stream, but a few hours deep into a Warzone stream, and he just didn’t seem to be feeling it. His audience were trying to pump him up, but it was not in the cards:

“Guys, I’m fine, just this update f**king sucks. Like, the game is worse today than it was just yesterday. How is that possible? It is, it totally is. The Gulag sucks! It’s f**king horrible. The ship is loud and pointless.”

Sure, at least the boat cinematic issue seems to have been fixed. But it’s just not a good look it seems. Warzone’s updates don’t seem to make anyone happy. Or at least, not Nickmercs as he dropped this rant on the state of Warzone:


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