Nickmercs Announces ‘Biggest Streaming Contract Ever’ With Twitch in 2021

by in Entertainment | Oct, 6th 2021

Co-Owner of FaZe Clan, Nickmercs dropped news of a massive Twitch contract he signed in 2021. Instead of making the move to YouTube as many others before him have, the Twitch payout was big enough to warrant him staying right where he is. Some of his closest friends in the streaming game – CouRage, TimTheTatMan, DrLupo are all on YouTube, but Nickmercs stuck around for this Twitch contract in 2021. If it’s as big as he’s claiming, then we don’t blame him one bit. There was a lot of talk about where he’d end up, but it turns out, he’s not going anywhere. 

The Show Goes On:

Nickmercs joined Twitch in 2010, and in 2021, he’s signed his biggest streaming contract ever for the platform. Back in those days, it was still, and has as of this writing almost 15 million followers. That is a huge following, and he’s got a horde of people subscribing to his channel on a monthly basis. One of the things that appeal to people is his philosophy, his MFAM. It’s “not me, us” according to Nickmercs, and this has helped his following soar. 

He’s been able to do some pretty huge things aside from streaming, such as his MFAM community BBQ that reportedly cost about 400K to host. He’s a co-owner of a major org (FaZe Clan), and is sponsored by Under Armour. He’s a serious player, and it’s no surprise Twitch made a serious overture to keep him in place. Now, we have no idea what the contract entailed, but the announcement has been made, and it’s official.

We do know this, from a September stream:

It’s a big one… a big contract. It’s good, great things. You guys are gonna love it. I can’t go over details yet, but soon, trust me. It’s been a big year, and next year is going to be even bigger. Chat, I will tell you as soon as I can. I just can’t tell you yet. It’s the biggest deal of my life.

In a recent article, we hypothesized Nickmercs’ upcoming contract for 2021 would be a move to Youtube, but it turns out he’s staying on Twitch! He’s called this the “biggest deal of my life,” and that he’s making “huge, huge moves.”  He has a significant following on Youtube as well (4.4M), but it’s nothing compared to the turnout he gets on Twitch. 

We’re glad for Nickmercs and the MFAM, and while we’re curious what this contract involved, Nickmercs is for sure making huge moves in 2021 on Twitch.


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