Nickeh30 Gets Twitch Streamer Banned Allegedly for Stream Sniping

by in Fortnite | Nov, 25th 2020

Competing in Fortnite for money can be pretty awesome. In particular, Nick “Nickeh30” Amyoony has been running a series called the NickEh30 Cup. Players compete against some huge Fortnite names for $10,000. However, the latest Fortnite tournament by Nickeh30 led to a stream sniping Twitch ban, despite that person maintaining their innocence. That’s always the way of it. We don’t have any information on that person’s guilt or not, only what we know of the situation.

Stream sniping is awful, but we aren’t sure that’s what happened in this case.

Crumble’s Moment Marred by a Stream Sniper

The winner of this tournament was Crumble, who wowed people with their incredible skills. But in the final match, this tournament had some alleged stream sniping. Thanks to Nickeh30, a Twitch ban was doled out. Epic Games almost instantly banned ArchieFN (the accused stream sniper) for 24 hours. What made him think this player was cheating?

Nickeh30 had several players descend upon him during the final match and among them a streamer named ArchieFN. ArchieFN handily dispatched Nickeh30 and then spent about 30 seconds dancing on top of the tournament organizer’s body. The normally positive Nickeh30 was visibly disappointed on the stream and then went to replay mode and reported ArchieFN and a few others at the same time.

Now, ArchieFN attests that they’re innocent of wrongdoing, and a 24-hour ban isn’t the worst thing to happen. But according to the streamer, they wanted to “contest someone who wasn’t a tier-one pro.” When noticing that Nickeh30 landed in the same spot during a previous match, he decided to try his luck.

You can see ArchieFN’s response on Twitter. He says the VOD shows him (ArchieFN) checking to see where people were landing in his response. He aimed to find someone he could 50/50 duel and get some loot due to his high ping (being in Europe). Checking replays and guessing where someone’s going to land isn’t the same thing as stream sniping.

The behavior (seemingly stalking Nickeh30 in game) and the dancing on top of the body was admittedly pretty rude and smacks of bad behavior. ArchieFN apologized and saw how people could find it “scummy.” Unfortunately, the Fortnite/Nickeh community descended upon his DMs with the usual (but disappointing) retaliation.

“Why am I waking up to 600 DMs telling me to kill myself?” ArchieFN said. “I’m 20, and it doesn’t bother me at all, but the majority of the community is quite younger … you really need to think about what you’re saying to people on the internet.”

It’s never okay to tell someone to kill themselves, especially over a game. It doesn’t sound like ArchieFN did anything wrong, but we can see why Nickeh30 would be worried/upset about stream sniping and see that a Twitch ban happened. Nonetheless, it was only a 24-hour ban at the least. The whole situation is disappointing. Hopefully, it gets hashed out without further incident. This isn’t our only Fortnite news today, and at least this is more or less benign.


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