Neymar to Join Esports Team in 2021, Will He Quit Football?

by in General | Jan, 18th 2021

Neymar da Silva Santos Junior is one of the biggest names in football. A forward for Ligue 1’s Paris Saint-Germain and the Brazil National Team, Neymar is a household name. When we heard from sources that Neymar will be joining an esports team in 2021, we were alight with curiosity. This has the potential to be one of the biggest esports announcements of the year, but will this mean he’s going to leave football behind?

A Future in Esports?

One of the most important things to be aware of is that these things are always subject to change. This does come from outside sources and could change at the drop of a hat. However, Neymar joining an esports team in 2021 does make a lot of sense considering recent events. Neymar is well-known in the esports scene in Brazil, as well as in the CSGO community. A few weeks back, Neymar went viral in a show of domination in CSGO, in a wicked 1v3 situation. To say it was a clutch moment is an understatement.

Our own Jake Lucky has heard that it is a very real possibility that Neymar joins an undisclosed esports team sometime in 2021. It would be a huge move, that’s for sure. Neymar wouldn’t be the first footballer to move into the esports world either. We’ve spoken a few times about this, but David Beckham, another globally recognized footballer is a part of the Guild Esports org.

Sure, David Beckham landed $20 million for his deal with Guild Esports. But what about Neymar? As someone younger and incredibly skilled at something as technical as CSGO, could he land an even better deal? It’s not outside the realm of possibility. In a recent article, Neymar also revealed that he had considered quitting football, due to a wave of criticism he’s received. His skill isn’t the problem, but how he acts on the field and his “lifestyle.” 

However, the way he acts in public is allegedly different than how he acts in real life. It’s more like a persona on the pitch, and it does admittedly keep people talking about him. Football has given Neymar everything he has in life. Would he quit football to go and join an esports team in 2021? It’s pretty hard to say. But a sports career is not something that lasts forever, and it’s essential to have options beyond that.

If Neymar is going to be the face of an esports org this year, he would, without a doubt, command a similar asking price to that of David Beckham. On top of that, he could probably also compete at the same time, driving his price up even further. If we consider Neymar’s CSGO skills, ties to the Brazilian esports scene, and his notoriety, we can see quite a few teams, probably in Brazil, wanting to sign Neymar on as the face of their brand. He would no doubt bring a bunch of eyes to whatever he’s doing. Is this going to come to pass? We’re going to keep our eyes on it as 2021 goes on. If this source is accurate, Neymar joining an esports team this year is going to be huge. 

It’s time to speculate. Where is Neymar going to hang his hat? Feel free to let us know on Twitter or in the YouTube comments!


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