Newest Rainbow Six Siege Operator Thunderbird Has Solid Kit

by in Rainbow Six Siege | May, 27th 2021

Operation: North Star brings Rainbow Six Siege’s latest Defender, Thunderbird. This means we have a new character to play in-game, and frankly, their build looks stacked. A powerful weapon loadout, and plenty of heals to help the squad get through any situation, Thunderbird is bringing something interesting and potentially very game-changing in the form of Thunderbird. Thunderbird is also unique in that they don’t come from a traditional country. They hail from Canada’s Nakoda Territories and represent something new for the game. Perhaps we see more representation of other people as the game progresses.

What Does Thunderbird Do?

A three-speed Defender, Rainbow Six Siege’s Thunderbirds’ main gadget is “Kona Station”. It can heal allies and enemies within its radius, which is certainly interesting. It has a 35-second cooldown, and can also revive players who are downed. With three of them, you’ll still want to be smart with how you place them. They can be deactivated via EMP, and they’re not immune to gunfire. You’ll want to protect them, or at least set them up behind safe cover. 

Honestly, this is an awesome gadget, and I wonder if it revives enemy players. It has been said that it heals them, but reviving foes would be too much, I think. Thunderbird is more than just a couple of heals though. They also pack the Spear.308 (Finka) and SPAS-15 shotgun (Caveira) in the main slots. In the secondary role, Thunderbird has the Q-929 (Lesion and Ying) and the Bearing-9 (Hibana and Echo). 

It looks like a nice mix of powerful offense, and incredibly useful defense/healing. I have a feeling she’s going to be incredibly popular. Fast, powerful, and can bring back the dead? There’s a real heavy chance that Thunderbird sees major play now that she’s available in Rainbow Six Siege. There’s a lot going on in Operation North Star, but the biggest news for my money is the latest Defender. Hopefully, they make a serious impact on the game going forward without being overwhelmingly busted.


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