New York Subliners Move Diamondcon to Starting Lineup

by in Call of Duty | Jan, 22nd 2021

The Call of Duty League is getting started this season with the Kickoff Classic that is scheduled to happen this weekend. In anticipation of that upcoming kickoff event, the New York Subliners have revealed their latest roster addition and this time is the rookie player Diamondcon.

New York Subliners Move Diamondcon to Starting Lineup

After the events that just recently happened, leading to a gap that needed to be filled in the New York Subliners roster, there was a need for the team to sign another player to the group. That is what has led to the moving of Diamondcon to the starting lineup for the upcoming season.

The announcement of this was revealed on the official New York Subliners Twitter account where they revealed that Diamondcon would be the new player to join the starting team and be one of the lead players having a direct effect on how well the popular team does this season.

It is an interesting move for the New York Subliners to bring the rookie player into the big leagues for this starting position after there was at least one other player that could have done it also. This is because there was already a substitute player waiting in the wings who will not get his chance to shine on the main roster just yet.

Previously, the New York Subliners signed Hydra to the team last year as one of the team players for the upcoming 2021 season. But Hydra was immediately relegated to the sub spot for the team as they already had four players in mind for the upcoming season.

This Comes After ZooMaa Retires From Call of Duty

However, that didn’t stop the craziness as just recently ZooMaa revealed that his unfortunate condition returned regarding his hands that had caused him to retire in the past. This tragic situation is one that was unfortunate but resulted in the player retiring now to save his team and himself the trouble.

It is an understandable decision and something that made the New York Subliners have to quickly figure out what to do about one of the four main positions on the team. The easy decision would have been to just move the substitute player Hydra to the main lineup.

That is what the sub is there for, in case of sudden emergencies like this, but it seems that the New York Subliners don’t want to do that just yet. Instead, they have moved someone from the academy team that New York hosts in the Challengers division of the league to the main roster.

That player is none other than the young 20-year Conor “Diamondcon” Johst who is ready to have his moment to shine in the big leagues for the first time ever on the New York Subliners. This is likely due to his accomplishments in December and last year as a whole, showing off his skills in multiple competitions.

Diamondcon Is One of the Strongest Former Challengers

New York Subliners Roster’s First Match Is Against the Dallas Empire

Then there is Mack himself who will be playing alongside Diamondcon in the upcoming 2021 season. He was someone who was added to the Subliners team later in the season and he was able to help them constantly improve and be one of our favorites for the whole year.

This is possibly the chance for the New York Subliners to do that again and on a bigger level. While there are so many unknowns at this time, if these players are able to work together well and dominate the competition with their talent at their peaks, they could be an amazing team.

But at the same time, they could just as well be a messy team that is lacking focus due to the newer players and the sudden changes that were made. It is hard to tell for now but we will know for sure in the coming weeks as the Call of Duty League 2021 season is about to get underway finally.

At the Kickoff Classic this weekend, the first fan-voted match will be one between the Dallas Empire and New York Subliners. Presumably, the team has not had much time to play with Johst yet together but they will have to immediately go up against the current world champions.

This will be a hotly anticipated match since one of the additions this season for the Subliners is Clayster, the only current world champion that isn’t playing for the Dallas Empire. Stay tuned for the full results of that match and the whole event in a couple of days.


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