New York Subliners Drop Four Players, Reducing Starting Roster to Three

by in Call of Duty | Sep, 9th 2020

The Call of Duty League releases continues with the latest roster changes from the New York Subliners. The Subliners were a fan favorite this season and have announced their changes, which are pretty big overall but aren’t on the game-changing level.

New York Subliners Announce Four Player Releases

While other teams in the Call of Duty League are shifting their entire roster around or removing all but one or two players, New York Subliners are making some significant changes while not entirely removing everything that made them great in the 2020 season.

The Subliners announced the changes that they are making this season on the official Twitter account for the team. They revealed that four players are leaving the team, effective immediately, and the organization thanked these players for their time on the team in their very first season.

Accuracy, Temp, Censor, and Happy will all be leaving the Subliners ahead of the next season of the Call of Duty League and presumably be free agents for the 2021 season. This will allow them to find new homes for the next year or so where they will, hopefully, be able to shine.

Accuracy and Temp are interesting departures as they are both two of the starting players for the final roster that the Subliners had in the inaugural season for the league. They were part of the five players who ended the normal season and the postseason tournament for the team.

Only Three Players Will Remain on the Team

Simultaneously, Censor and Happy were the last remaining substitutes for a team that had used their benched players often enough. With the removal of both Accuracy and Temp from the starting New York Subliners CoD roster and Censor and Happy, the team will no longer have any sub players moving into the next season.

They will likely sign some new players to be on the bench for the next season, but only time will tell. As for the starting roster, there are only three players left who will be part of that in the next season. Those players are ZooMaa, Attach, and Mack.

ZooMaa and Attach have become two of the faces of the New York Subliners, with the latter being one of the players who we claimed as one of the best for the 2020 season and an MVP candidate in our opinion. Then, Mack, who joined the team later on, proved to be an excellent addition.

All in all, the changes that the Subliners have made are pretty standard and expected. They made the smart move to keep a good portion of their starting lineup that made them so great while leaving room for some growth with a new player or two.

Subliners Ended the Season Well

This is a solid way to handle everything as the New York Subliners started as one of the best league teams when the season ended. They were highly favored in the 2020 season but didn’t show up in full force until near the end.

But when the Subliners finally did show up, they did amazingly. They shot through the ranks to become one of the top five teams by the end of the normal season. However, they did falter in the postseason to only tie for eighth place in the playoffs where they expected to do better.

This could have been a deciding factor for the removals that were made. Regardless, New York is one of the most powerful teams around going into the 2021 season, so there weren’t too many changes that needed to be made outside of the ones to be compliant with new league rules.

The Call of Duty League is making a major change in the 2021 season to go back to the old way of having four on four multiplayer matches in competitive Call of Duty games, instead of the five on five used during the inaugural season this year.

Who Could Be the Final Starting Player?

This means that, at the very least, one player on the starting New York Subliners CoD roster had to go, and the choices do make sense. The real question is: who will take the place of Accuracy and Temp as the final starting player on the roster? That is something that we may have an answer to.

Though it hasn’t been confirmed just yet, there are rumors that we are hearing in the Call of Duty League that now-former Dallas Empire player and current Call of Duty World Champion Clayster will join New York in the next season.

Dallas announced that he would be a restricted free agent who moves to the bench unless another team signs him. But there is no doubt in our minds that another team will want to sign the current champion player, and New York is one of the best possible options.

He would not only fit in well with the team but could be the deciding factor to help them go from a number five team to a top three or even better. But at the same time, many other possible players could join New York since there are so many released players now.

With the league changes, every team has to remove players or shift someone to the bench, so many great players are coming from good teams who are now open to join New York. We fully expect to start hearing about player signings soon, so stay tuned to find out who will soon take the final starting spot on the New York Subliners CoD roster.


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