New York Subliners’ Clayster Announces a Mental Health Break From CDL

by in Call of Duty | Jul, 20th 2021

The New York Subliners might be one of the highest-ranking teams in the Call of Duty League currently, but they are also one of the most struggling at this time. Likely to do with this, the team’s leader and star veteran Clayster has announced that he is taking some time off for a little while.

Clayster Announces Temporary Break

Announced first on Twitter by the official New York Subliners account, the team noted that “part of the balance of competing at the highest level is knowing when to recharge.” That is what Clayster will be doing this week as he takes some time off from competing for a mental health break. 

As such, the player will be essentially benching himself for a little while to give himself some time to recover. This is something that Clay himself confirmed by sharing the tweet from the Subliners and adding his context to the situation to give some further details on what is happening.

To make it clear, this is not something like when the Dallas Empire benched Huke. Then it led to him leaving the team for the LA Thieves. This is purely a situation where Clayster is taking some time off his own volition to get back to a better spot in the Call of Duty League. 

He noted this in his tweet by stating that he needs “a break from it all.” He made it clear that he has not been himself in “quite some time” and that this is something that the community itself has noticed in recent weeks and months. 

This Bench Is Not Meant to Be Permanent

That is true, as Clay has been seemingly struggling a good bit, especially lately, when it comes to matches. Even from a glance just watching the Call of Duty League matches, you can tell that the unbelievably talented pro player has been off for some time in his performance and look. 

Fortunately, it sounds like this is a much-needed break and could result in some positive changes for Clayster. He is taking a step back and will attempt to work on his mental stability to ensure that he is doing good in every regard. 

To some, this might sound like PR speak for someone stepping down from the pro scene or an excuse for why someone is no longer going to be a huge part of the roster, but that is seemingly not the case here. Clayster clarifies that this is not “for good” and that he needs to take care of himself right now. 

To this point, we hope that Clayster can get the recovery for his mental health break that he needs so that he can return to playing soon. With that being said, he does have hope that the rest of the team will crush it in the upcoming Seattle Surge Home Series event, where he will not be playing in the 2021 season for the first time pretty much all season long. 

Diamondcon Will Return to the Starting Roster

In the place of Clayster on the New York Subliners roster this week, Diamondcon will be making his return to the starting lineup to play in place of Clayster. It is currently unknown what role Diamondcon will take, be it the assault rifle that Clay usually uses or if someone else will step into the role instead, so we will have to wait and see. 

Diamondcon will be a familiar player to New York Subliners fans this year as he was part of the initial starting roster. Essentially taking the wild and brilliant newly turned content creator ZooMaa, Diamondcon will fill that role until late April when rookie Hydra made his debut. 

When that happened, Diamondcon officially moved to the New York Subliners Academy team in the Challengers division, where he played until that team was effectively disbanded. Since then, he has been the sub for the main Subliners roster while being loaned to Team Canada in the Challengers. 

Diamondcon himself is a talented young player who is still growing with only a few years of competitive play under his belt in the Call of Duty scene. He was a solid part of the Subliners roster for a large part of the current 2021 season. This will be another chance for him to show how much he has grown this year. 

New York Subliners Have Some Tough Matches Ahead

We do have to wonder, though, how long this change will continue for the New York Subliners team. This change was mentioned for this week in the final set of matches in the group stage of the 2021 season, but will it continue beyond this?

In the Seattle Surge Home Series, the Subliners have two matches, one against Paris Legion and another against Atlanta FaZe, to close this portion of Stage 5. With three straight losses in the stage, including the devastating one against the London Royal Ravens in the Minnesota Home Series, the team must get some wins here or look at a very bad Stage 5 Major placement. 

Paris is a team that the Subliners should beat, but Atlanta FaZe is the best around. It will be tough to take them down, so we could be looking at the Subliners in one of the bottom two spots for its group if they cannot beat Atlanta. 

Is it possible that Clayster will take a break from the Stage 5 Major, too? That is something that is not completely off the table as we could see him take a break from that tournament, too, to recuperate and get ready for the tournament to end all tournaments: the 2021 season playoffs next month. For now, though, we will have to wait and see. 


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