New York Subliners 2022 Roster Revealed: Crimsix Reunites With Clayster

by in Call of Duty | Oct, 22nd 2021

The New York Subliners 2022 roster has been revealed, showcasing one of the most star-studded lineups in the Call of Duty League at this point in time. New York is but the latest team to announce its lineup of players for the upcoming 2022 season and it is quite the welcome one. 

New York Subliners 2022 Roster Revealed

While the New York Subliners 2022 roster is not at all surprising if you have been following the rumors and supposed leaks that have been circulating in the community for a while now, it is great that we are finally getting confirmation, well over a month after other teams have announced their teams. As we previously mentioned with the release of Asim and Mack who are now at the Los Angeles Guerrillas and Seattle Surge, respectively, the New York Subliners 2022 roster will continue with two of its returning players from the 2021 season while bringing in two new members. 

The New York Subliners 2022 roster was announced over the course of four individual spotlight videos, and includes the four starting players of Clayster, Hydra, Crimsix, and Neptune. From a glance, this new starting lineup immediately catches the eye with the impressive names that are gathered for this team. You have the two returning members who are Clayster and Hydra, both of which will be aiming to do much better in the upcoming season than what we saw during 2021. On the other hand, we have the new additions with the GOAT himself, Crimsix, and unbelievably talented now former rookie, Neptune.

New York Has the Star Power

Overall, the New York Subliners 2022 roster has one of the biggest star powers out of all of the new teams that have been announced for the 2022 season and in the Call of Duty League in general. In many ways, it mirrors much of what we saw with the reveal of the Dallas Empire roster in the 2020 season. You have the two veterans with Clayster and Crimsix, both of which are among the only players in the entire world to have three rings, plus the two newer players in Hydra and Neptune. It is highly reminiscent of the original Dallas Empire team, with Clay and Crim being veterans on that team alongside some newer players.

They would go on to win the 2020 championship and be one of the most successful teams in the 2020 season, something that would only somewhat return in the 2021 season. That’s why this new New York Subliners 2022 roster is so exciting when you look at it from a glance. However, if I’m being honest, I do have some concerns with this team overall. It certainly has some of the biggest names in the history of Call of Duty, but it also has some heavy weaknesses that must be addressed or we will get a repeat of what happened during the 2021 season. 

There Are Concerns About This Team

The problem here lies with the two veterans in Clayster and Crimsix, in my opinion. Having these two three-time world champs reunite with one another is a welcome move, for sure, but they both have some issues that need to be worked on, in my opinion, in order for this team to work. Clayster notably had some drama with the 2021 squad of the New York Subliners, with plenty of rumors and hard feelings happening just a few months ago with his sudden break. This was a rough time for the Subliners and one that is also very complicated. 

Without a doubt, we do not know everything about this story, but what we do know is that Clay likely did have a legitimate reason to take a break, which is notable on its own. But then there is also the fact that Clayster is known to have a strong personality that could clash with others. Then, enter Crimsix who has easily the strongest personality in the entire Call of Duty League, and is a person who is quick to argue and fight with others in the industry, no matter who they are. He is also someone who has very passionate ideas about how a team should be run and how a player should be that could be controversial and problematic for some. 

My point here to make is that, while there is room for concern about the dynamic of Clay and Crim, that is not actually my main issue. They were able to work together just fine in 2020 and win a championship. Sure, it is unfortunate that Clayster was the one who was dropped from the team, but they can likely work together nicely. 

How Will the Veterans Work With the Newer Players?

The issue that I am concerned about is regarding the other two players, Neptune and Hydra. Hydra and Clay have a very strong working relationship, but the former has not worked with C6 before. The same goes for Neptune who is new to both Clay and Crim. The issue here is that both Hydra and Neptune are some of the most talented players around, but it is hard to say how their personalities will mix with the veterans. If they are all about to work together in a great, kind manner, the New York Subliners could easily be a championship-worthy team next year.

The raw talent in these four players is astounding and unparalleled in the entire league, barring basically just Atlanta FaZe. The key will be to mesh their talent and teamwork together, which I am genuinely concerned about. While it sounds good on paper, this is a team we will need to see in action to find out more about. Hopefully, we will find that out sooner rather than later, but we still have a few months until the start of the 2022 season. Until then, there are still several teams that have unannounced rosters, including the rumored OpTic Dallas, whoever will replace the Chicago team, Paris Legion, London Royal Ravens, and more, so stay tuned. 


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