New World’s Twitch Viewership Sees Major Decline After Initial Hype

by in General | Oct, 13th 2021

At launch, New World’s Twitch viewership was over 970,000, but things have died down significantly. It isn’t all that often we see a major MMO drop, and there was a ton of hype around Amazon Games’ debut MMO, New World. It’s unfortunate to say, but the hype has died down, and New World Twitch viewership has really plummeted. What could have caused it though? Are people just tired of the game already, as it seems to lack quality end-game content? Are players furious at the region transfer news? Or perhaps it’s anger at the current ban-spam issues before a War. Whatever the reason, things are dying down for New World.

From 900,000 Viewers To 145,000:

On September 27, the 977k peak viewership was had for New World on Twitch. As of this writing, there are 45,000 viewers on Twitch, with a 7-day average of 145,000 people. That’s still a pretty massive number, but things have seriously died down in the two weeks since the game has been out. It’s a game that was hampered by incredibly high queue times, and worse. We, in fact, reviewed it pretty highly. It’s been said that New World’s viewership on Twitch has dwindled by 58% this week alone. 

The game still has a decent amount of people actively playing it, with 117k playing an hour ago as of this writing, and a 605k 24-hour peak on Steam, the actual Twitch numbers still appear to be dwindling. The actual game isn’t dying, that’s not what we’re saying at all. It is pretty safe to say that interest in watching the game is going down though. It could come back though, and in all likelihood will. Perhaps people are too interested playing themselves and can’t be bothered to watch others do it. This is not growth for New World’s Twitch viewership, but it’s not gone either.

It very well could have something to do with various bugs in-game, or the current issues that have players furious. The fact that many players are stranded in foreign regions and feel lied to by Amazon Games could lead to fewer people watching the game get played on Twitch. It’s entirely likely, though there is no proof to lead to that conclusion. If Amazon Games doesn’t produce new content for New World and keep it fresh, these numbers could very well continue to trend down. 


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