New World’s Incredibly Long Queues Cause Angry Reviews

by in General | Sep, 29th 2021

It is not fun to wait in New Worlds’ hour+ long server queues. It just isn’t. In the mornings, where I’m spending most of my time doing my review of New World, the server queues aren’t so bad. But there were over 700,000 people playing on Day One. This led to absolutely titanic server queues in New World. Last night, I waited over an hour, and the number didn’t go down more than 100 people (I went from 699 to 609). These sorts of things are to be expected, but it was still shocking. Considering Amazon owns AWS – the largest server farm perhaps in the entire world. It should stand to reason that Amazon Games would be prepared, but perhaps they didn’t expect this many people to log in. Not everyone was best pleased, nor were they understanding. Quite a few angry reviews hit Steam thanks to these queue times.

You may notice that there are not many New World reviews right now by major news sites. Nobody was given early access to the servers, so we’re in the process of working on ours. You can expect it out later this week. 

A Very Mixed Bag of Reviews:

As of this writing, there are 599,000+ players playing New World, and Day One had 700k, according to Steam Stats. The only game with more players on Steam right now is CSGO. Now, there are a lot of jokes being made that it’s not 500k+ people playing, most of them are in the queue. That’s because the times are horrendous. Some people are very complimentary though. I’ve seen comparisons to Ultima Online – which is interesting and flattering. Other reviewers talked about AWS, “Amazon owns AWS, the biggest Server farm in the world, they host Netflix, Facebook, Twitter, and Twitch. Yet they can’t spare enough server capacity to launch their flagship game. Very disappointed.”

Some of the reviews, on the other hand, are pretty funny, like “Queue time so long Lost Ark is being released next week.”  It is incredibly bad. Last night, when I left the queue, I decided to make a character on a different server, one that was Low Pop. Deciding I didn’t want to start from scratch, a few minutes later, I went back to check my server. The server I play on was Low Pop, but that was not the case last night. It went from being about 600-700 people in line to well over 1200. That’s low though. Other people were waiting for 3-5,000 people, if not longer.

There is no point in waiting for hours just to play. We definitely understand people’s frustration there. Some are praising it for how pretty it is – if your PC can run it, anyway. Some people on Steam’s reviews claim they were waiting 10-11 hours, just to play for about 15 minutes. The more paranoid reviewers think it was a ploy by Amazon. After all, after two hours of “gameplay”, you can’t request a review. So if you decide you don’t like the game, there’s nothing you can do but be upset that you still own the 40 dollar MMO. This is surely not the case, but it has to be frustrating that people wait hours upon hours to play a game. Worse if they decide it didn’t live up to their expectations. From what we understand, the server issues have lessened, but we hope Amazon comes up with a solution so that everyone can play without incredibly long wait times. 


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