New World Players Furious About Region Transfer Being Denied

by in General | Oct, 11th 2021

New World continues to pull players in, but many of the day one players are furious at the sudden lack of region transfer. There were thousands, millions of players trying to connect and join a server on the first day, but servers were filling up too fast. A question was asked on social media about New World offering a Region Transfer, so you could say, swap a character from EU to NA. This was confirmed on Twitter, so many players logged on over in Europe or vice versa, with the intent of server transferring when it was time. This question was broached on day two, making people willing to go in on the game, with New World offering a region transfer at a later date. Now we know different, and fans are not happy.

While we enjoyed the game in the initial review, this is certainly a situation that has left a sour taste in this writer, as well as other players’ mouths.

Going Back On Their Word:

The notion that people could transfer to any server currently offered filled fans with hope. They would just have to suffer a disappointing ping for a couple of weeks. Then, the New World Region Transfer would happen. Best of all, this would be offered at no cost. In a post on Twitter, the devs posted:

To ensure everyone can find an open world now, while also finding a home in Aeternum with their community long-term, we’ll offer an opportunity in the next two weeks for all players to relocate their characters to a new server of their choice at no cost.

A player on Twitter asked for clarification, and in a later Tweet, New World’s social media stated, “You will be able to move your character to any servers that are available at the time we make transfers available. Hope that helps.” That sounds great, right? Another person asked for more clarification! They specifically asked if you could move from a US server to an EU one, which was further confirmed by New World on Twitter

We’re almost two weeks into New World’s life, and this is apparently no longer the case. Amazon Games backtracked on Region Transfer in New World, in an October 9 FAQ. Turns out, server transfers will only be permitted in your region. So I can’t transfer from EU East to EU West. I must only play on my server block. If I wanted to play with my co-workers, I’d have to make a brand-new character. But you can only have two characters in the same world set, “let alone in the same world.” 

You can see their answers here, but it’s clear that some lines were crossed – or that Amazon Games was misleading their fans to get more people playing. To the question “So the ‘transfer to any server’ statement issues earlier was not true?” was answered with “Unfortunately, the original information provided was incorrect.” The problem here is that the answers were repeatedly provided, and so each time it was false. Many players have been grinding a week+ on servers they intended to leave. Some of them are 40-50 and are furious they’ll have to now backtrack, and start from scratch. 

The backlash has been huge. Many players are threatening refund requests, or simply quitting the game altogether. Some are suggesting mass refunds because Amazon “lured you in to play with false promises.” It definitely feels shady on Amazon Games’ part. It sounds like many players changed their minds and picked the game up when they learned a region transfer would be possible. One user put it succinctly:

We chose characters on NA servers based on this. We need to be able to transfer back to EU. We’re only here as queues were ridiculous on EU and you stated we would be able to change regions. You need to fix this.

In the first few days, there were virtually no EU servers that weren’t full, so many EU players, if they wanted to play at all, they had to make NA characters. Now they’re stuck, thanks to Amazon Games changing their mind on a New World Region Transfer. We’ll keep you in the loop if Amazon Games should make another statement on this pressing issue.


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