New World Invincibility Glitch is Found & Abused by Players

by in General | Oct, 19th 2021

An annoying glitch has been found in New World, and it grants the player invincibility. It’s incredibly easy to do, and it can completely ruin PVP situations by leaving the player unable to be harmed as long as they’re doing the glitch in the first place. We do not in any way condone glitch abuse here at Esports Talk, but this one’s big enough to talk about, especially given how important PVP is to New World – this Invincibility Glitch is easy and infuriating to see in action.

How To Do The Invincibility Glitch in New World and Why:

The Invincibility Glitch is incredibly easy to do – set New World to windowed mode! That’s probably why people are so frustrated about it. It’s so simple! Put your character where you want them to be, and begin dragging the game’s window around by the title bar. That’s it! While this is going on, your character can’t be harmed, until you stop moving the window around. You can’t move, and you can’t be killed by other players until you stop. You can see an example of it from a Youtuber, Kona, in their recent video.

It may not sound like much until you consider PVP. You can set yourself on a capture point, and just move the window around, so you can’t be defeated. You can stall out PVP for your side by simply dragging the window around, making your opponent struggle to defeat you (while your friends show up behind them). If the client is handling important things like invincibility, it could lead to other powerful exploits. It can lead to exploits and glitches that won’t get detected by anti-cheat, and that’s a slippery slope.

Thankfully, a Community Manager has stated that it’s being looked at, and the team is aware. Since this is going to be an ongoing issue for who knows how long, it would be a good idea to disable PVP Wars, since more and more players are aware of this and can easily influence a battle through the New World Invincibility Glitch. That said, the player will take all of the damage they would have accrued when they stop using the glitch. That just means they have to stay on top of it until the fight is over, then respawn wherever they need to. It’s still a really unfortunate thing to see abused in a PVP game – or any game for that matter.


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