New World Faces Mass Player Reporting Problem

by in General | Oct, 11th 2021

New World is still riding high on its launch, but it currently faces a serious mass player reporting problem. This is on top of the recent issue it is having with region transfer being denied. In New World, groups of players vie for territory, control of towns with their own companies and faction. It’s being said right now that high-level players are going to be involved in Wars for territory are getting mass reported. It’s incredibly shameless, and these reports in nearly all cases likely have no basis in fact. Most MMOs and online games have systems in place to deal with reports. You get too many reports, and then a 24 hour (or longer) ban hits your account. This Mass Player Reporting problem is a serious one for New World.

Huge Chunks of Companies Banned for No Reason:

In New World, you sign up to go to War for a settlement. The companies in charge will pick who they want to participate, and there’s a set time for the War. With that in mind, it can be incredibly easy to pick out power players and make sure they can’t take part in the War. In War, you’re going to want to pick the strongest, highest-level players. It wouldn’t be hard to mass spam report a group of people, and that’s reportedly happening right now. Groups are being forced to relinquish territory they worked for, because of mass player reporting in New World.

A user on Reddit pointed out that 50 people in their 100-person company got banned for no reason, saying, “This is absolutely ridiculous, what now? We have to give up our hard fought territory because everyone can press report a couple times? This is crazy we need a fix ASAP.”

If something like this is really going on (and it’s frankly not surprising or difficult), it’s incredibly unfair, and Amazon Games needs to find a way to put a stop to it. One of the New World players posted on the forum they too suffered a similar fate:

So my company has a war today and the company we are going to war against reported our top players so they would get a temporary 24 hour ban and not be able to participate in the war. This is beyond petty and it would be great if the admin team could really look into this. If this isn’t cheating by the other company through clear abuse of the system I don’t know what is. En0ka, Rylynn, Sticc and Dankrng are currently some of our top players and all just so happened to be reported and receive 24 hour bans the day of our war and will be unable to participate.

It’s apparently hitting high-level players and streamers alike, but Amazon Games has not responded officially in any capacity. So what’s going on here? Is there an auto-ban system in place? Some moderators for New World have suggested there’s an automated banning system in place, (24 hours), but New World’s Twitter account suggests something entirely different:

All our bans are reviewed by humans before any decisions are made. I have randomly researched specific reports of unfair moderation from Twitter, I have pulled chat logs and every instance there are violations of the Code of Conduct.

This would be fine, if the New World Twitter account had not already sent mixed/incorrect messages out, like the supposed free server transfer (which would include region-to-region). It seems incredibly unlikely that someone went through every one of these spam player reporting sprees and punished that many people at once. If it’s true and 50 people in Companies are being hit with 24-hour bans right before a War, and actual people are confirming it, there’s something wrong in their system. That or the reviews aren’t being reviewed appropriately enough. 

Is this kind of spam reporting really likely though? As someone who has played online, competitive, and MMO games for years, absolutely. I’ve seen whole guilds report people in WoW, for example. Someone does something a big-time guild doesn’t like, and they get reported into the ground. It’s not uncommon, but it is shady and terrible. 

One user on the New World forums even created a “Compendium Regarding the New World ‘Auto-Ban’ Issue”. They insist it’s not to bash Amazon Games or anything, and is not intended to spread misinformation. They simply compiled resources and information about the topic, which you can find here. If we hear more about Amazon Games’ take on the situation, or the story develops, we will keep you up-to-date.


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