New Valorant Agent Chamber Set to Be Released with Patch 3.10

by in Valorant | Nov, 15th 2021

We’re less than 24 hours away from new Valorant agent Chamber being released. The release date is set for tomorrow, November 16th, alongside the all-new Valorant Patch 3.10.

Of course, a new agent being introduced into the pool marks the biggest change in this patch. And while we can be almost certain that there will be additional alterations, new agent is definitely the biggest and most notable one. Here’s a closer look:

Valorant Agent Chamber | A Closer Look

Chamber is the overall fifteenth, third belonging to the Sentinels type, and eighth male agent. He’s joining the game from France, two weeks after the start of Episode 3 Act 3.

Players have been able to try Chamber out on PBE servers for quite a while. There’s a ton of content available on YouTube, all sorts of guides and even lineups for all currently available maps. If you like what you see here and you’re thinking of making Chamber your main, you won’t have any issues with finding proper guides for him.

Chamber Abilities

Here’s a closer look at Chamber’s abilities:

Trademark (C)

You place a small trap that scans for enemies and slows them down after a short countdown, leaving a lingering area of effect that doesn’t just slow down the scanned enemy but all enemies walking through it.

Chamber’s Trademark offers an exceptional slow; a trap that can easily be hidden in pots and similar items, and will work great in combination with stuff like Breach’s C and Sova’s Q.

Headhunter (Q)

Chamber’s Q almost instantly summons a Headhunter pistol, a mighty Sheriff-like revolver that offers a one-shot killing opportunity with a headshot no matter the distance. You can aim down the sights too, using right click, which ought to help you get long-distance scalps.

Headhunter seems rather broken right now, as it gives players too much power without spending too much money. If Chamber is to get a nerf in the foreseeable future, Headhunter is definitely going to be the first ability they rework/nerf. In current state, it’s just way too OP.

Rendezvous (E)

Chamber’s E allows him to place two teleport anchors. If he is in range of an anchor, Chamber can teleport to the other one, which allows him superior presence in both attack and defense. Rendezvous allows for quick rotations, as well as mind games in clutch situations. It’s very similar to Yoru’s teleport, but Chamber needs to set up two anchor points and be in range to use his, whereas Yoru’s is fully autonomous.

Tour de Force (X)

Tour de Force, Chamber’s ultimate ability, summons a lethal sniper rifle that kills enemies no matter where it hits them. Upon getting a kill, Tour de Force leaves the same lingering effect like Trademark, slowing down all enemies that step inside it.

Agent Viability

New Valorant agent Chamber is set to be a sentinel, just like the likes Sage, Killjoy, and Sage. As you can guess by these three agents, the Sentinels bunch is pretty diverse. Sage is your ultimate healer, Killjoy is there to control wide areas and sites, while Cypher does the latter but has a much stronger attacking presence too.

That said, we can expect Chamber to be on the attacking end of the Sentinels’ too, though his defensive utility set is not to be taken for granted either. Chamber is going to be an exceptional all-arounder, that we can already tell!

Other Valorant Patch 3.10 Changes

Unfortunately, we don’t know much in terms of additional changes that will see the light of day with the 3.10 Patch. Players have been expecting lots of them, not just in terms of agent buffs and nerfs, but related to stuff like VANGUARD dealing with smurfs and cheaters, five-man premade alterations, and more.

The latter might be subject to Valorant Patch 3.10, with Immortal and Radiant players expected to be able to queue as five premades starting from this patch. We’re also bound to get another skin bundle as well as smaller gameplay alterations and bug fixes, latter of which were abundance in recent weeks.

What are your thoughts on the new Valorant agent Chamber? Are you going to buy him right off the bat or wait to fill up your contract? He definitely looks interested! The “classy assassin” theme is rather cool, and his skillset seems adequate but likely to get nerfed in the foreseeable future.

I’ve already played him on PBE but not enough to give you guys a proper review. No worries, though – we’ll have a Chamber review ready for you by the end of the week, after giving him a more detailed test in real competitive servers.


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