New Teamfight Tactics Galaxies Set Revealed

by in Teamfight Tactics | Feb, 19th 2020

We’ve known for a bit now that Teamfight Tactics third set would be coming in March. However, details have been non-existent beyond the knowledge that a major shuffle of available characters was coming.

Now, Riot Games has finally dropped new details about the changes coming in Set 3. In the developer blog, Riot Games revealed the name of the new season and the first look at its new gimmick.

Galaxy Brain

The new season and set for TFT will go by the name TFT: Galaxies. It will see the departure of the Elemental Hexes that appeared on the map in Set 2.

Set 3, a new gimmick called Galaxies, will change the rules of the game in new and interesting ways. One example is Neekoverse Galaxy, in which everyone begins the game with two Neeko’s Helpers. This item allows you to make a one-star copy of a character.

“With everyone having this advantage, it becomes about making strategic decisions around when and how to use those Neekos,” the announcement reads. “Do you use them early on a powerful three-cost or four-cost to start win streaking? Do you chase a powerful 3-star that might normally be too hard to achieve? Or do you hold out for that late game 2-star five-cost champ?”

They also showed off another example. Galaxy changes the available characters in the first carousel at the start of the game into significantly more power four-star ones. More will come as the season progresses, with up to 10 being active at a given time. However, some may leave the rotation as well.

Gimmick Goals

According to Riot Games, the goal is for these gimmicks to open new creative paths of play and force players to be more adaptable with their game plans beyond looking up a guide online and following it to the letter.

They also noted wanting a clearer mechanic for players that wasn’t confusing and more noticeable than Elemental Hexes. The company also discussed making the game more expandable and easier to play with than the hexes, which were so integral to Set 2’s Qiyana that they couldn’t change them.

“As you load up into each game, you should be excited about the possibility of going to a different Galaxy, and when you get there, it should change how you approach the game in a unique and fun way,” TFT Principal Game Designer Riot_Mort noted at the end. “If we see different games on different galaxies play out in unique ways, then this will be a success.”

While the rest of the set has yet to be shown off, Mort noted that next week we’d get a look at the new traits coming up. It’s nice to see some fresh and exciting changes to the game. We can’t wait to see what else Riot Games has in store for us for Set 3.

We’ll bring you more coverage of the new TFT: Galaxies details as they emerge, so stay tuned!


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