New Streamers Should Avoid Twitch, According to Disguised Toast

by in Entertainment | Nov, 29th 2021

Disguised Toast returns to Twitch after two years, but he recommends new streamers avoid the platform. But why? Jeremy “Disguised Toast” Wang released a video on Youtube recently, talking about this very thing. Back in 2019, he went to Facebook to stream exclusively, but in 2021, he returned to Twitch. The popular streamer doesn’t think Twitch is a good starting point if you’re going to be a streamer, in fact. So what does Disguised Toast think streamers should do, other than avoid Twitch? Simply creating an account on Twitch and starting to stream doesn’t appear in his recommendations.

“One Trick Will Make You a Famous Streamer…” – Disguised Toast

Disguised Toast has become a huge sensation, and has streamed with some of the biggest names in the business. Other new but successful names also thank Disguised Toast for helping them, such as Miyoung “Kkatamina” Kim. His encouragement and help gave her the boost she needed to start, and she’s really going places right now. So why does Disguised Toast recommend you as a new streamer avoid Twitch?

“You should never begin your streaming career by making a Twitch account, and just starting to stream. Because you will not get any viewers. You guys know how bad the Twitch discovery system is?”

He’s not entirely wrong, either. Unless you’re incredibly lucky, or already a big name elsewhere, it can be a frustrating experience growing on Twitch. You can also grow if you’re already a unique personality or content creator. Twitch’s discovery system is awful, or “s**t” according to Disguised Toast:

“If your strategy to becoming a streamer is to just start streaming and pray for the best it won’t work, you would require luck… So I always say if you want to start content creation, specifically streaming, to never start streaming as your first plan of action.”

He recommends two routes to becoming a streaming superstar on Twitch at all. The first is to simply be incredible at whatever game you’re playing. Barring that, you can build a presence elsewhere, such as YouTube, Reddit, or TikTok as a content creator. Making unique content about the game of your choice could go far in creating an online presence.

“If you want to be a big Twitch streamer, don’t start streaming on Twitch. Start anywhere else with a good algorithm. Find out what’s popular, build an audience there, then eventually transition into streaming once you’ve given people a reason to care about your content. You have to set yourself apart from everyone else.”

Disguised Toast made his way by being skilled in a game that is incredibly challenging, proving his skill and making his content a must-see. So while he’s on Twitch now, he made his name elsewhere. Then, when he had a massive following, it was fine to return to Twitch exclusively, because now he has name value. Some people are content just streaming for fun or have no desire to grow as big as possible. But if you want to really make a name for yourself, it sounds like you should try creating content elsewhere, and avoid Twitch, according to Disguised Toast.


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