New Smash Ultimate DLC Will Be Revealed at The Game Awards

by in Fighting Game News | Dec, 10th 2020

Nintendo has surprised everyone yet again. Coming seemingly out of nowhere, they’ve announced that a new Smash Ultimate DLC fighter will be revealed on tonight’s The Game Awards stream at 4 p.m. Pacific time. Usually, Nintendo is relatively accurate as to when they will be revealing DLC for Smash in general, so the time given is likely to be near or at the start of the show.

This echoes what they did in 2018 when Smash Ultimate’s first DLC character, Joker, was announced. At that time, they did not reveal that they would be unveiling a character. That was done on the same night the game launched on Dec. 7 in 2018.

Unlike Joker’s surprise reveal at The Game Awards 2018 when Smash Ultimate was released the same day, this time the reveal is coming with some notice. This should lead hundreds of thousands of Smash fans to tune into the event, which already is one of the highlights of what’s usually a slow December for gaming and esports.

Who Will the Next Smash Ultimate DLC Character Be?

As with any Smash Ultimate DLC reveal, there has been a healthy amount of speculation around the new fighter’s identity. As Nintendo is tight-lipped about it, as usual, many theories are all pretty credible as to the identity.

Here are our guesses and why we think they have a good shot at making it into Smash Ultimate:

  • Jonesy from Fortnite – Jonesy’s inclusion in Fortnite is credible because a creative director at Epic was asked about Fortnite possibly coming to Smash. He was not able to give a solid answer, which sounded more like a no comment. Given that this is the next character slot since then, and Fortnite is one of the most popular franchises globally, Jonesy could make an appearance at The Game Awards, when his reveal is most likely to send shockwaves across the gaming community. Additionally, Steve’s building mechanic would help the developers make Jonesy’s building from Fortnite more of a reality. He’s looking more and more likely by the second.
  • Monster Hunter – Monster Hunter World was Capcom’s best-selling video game of all time. Monster Hunter also has a movie that’s due to release in the United States next week, which could make for very convenient timing for The Game Awards to do a tie in an announcement with Nintendo. Monster Hunter Rise, a Switch exclusive, is also due out in just a few short months, so a reveal today could serve to hype up the crowd even more.
  • Sora from Kingdom Hearts – Sora has been a long-requested character for Super Smash Bros Ultimate. While there have been rumors that Disney rejected Sakurai’s request to have the character appear in the game, these rumors have recently been debunked. Additionally, a Smash Ultimate “leak” on 4-chan showed off Sora in-game, though several frames in that leak appeared to be a Shulk mod, not Sora himself. While it doesn’t confirm the character, it does make it far less likely for him to appear.
  • Doom Guy, Doom Eternal – Today is Doom’s 27th birthday, and Doom Guy has been a long-requested character for the game. Doom Eternal also just released on the Switch recently. This could make for a strong tie-in to help boost sales of that game.
  • Crash Bandicoot – Crash Bandicoot 4 was recently released, and the star marsupial could easily make an appearance tonight in his Smash Bros debut. Sakruai has long been a fan of uniting the various mascots from different consoles. Crash would fit right in. It’s also suspect that Sakurai has tweeted out pictures of the clock powerup in recent months, with Crash’s most recent game called It’s About Time.

Others could make an appearance. If Nintendo managed to keep a lid on anyone else’s inclusion, it would be impressive to behold. However, these five characters are the most likely as of press time.

Who would you like to see in Smash Ultimate?


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