New Smash Bros Event Celebrating Anniversaries Nintendo Forgot

by in Fighting Game News | May, 27th 2021

Fans are laughing at the irony of Smash Brothers today, as the official Japanese Twitter page announced an in-game tournament via online play, stating that players can compete in the tournament under the condition that they must play as characters from Metroid, Legend of Zelda, Kid Icarus, Castlevania, and Dragon Quest. The reason? This year marks the 35th anniversary of all the series in the Smash Bros tournament. And many fans find it entertaining that Nintendo is ignoring the anniversary of some of their most profitable franchises aside from Mario.

For Mario’s 35th anniversary, Nintendo has a whole Direct broadcast about the Mario series, featuring multiple new Mario-themed items and collaborations coming to fans. Some of these include the Mario collaboration with Levi’s and the Super Mario Bros Game & Watch system, a version of the original handheld that contained versions of Super Mario Bros and Super Mario Bros. The lost levels, otherwise known as Super Mario Bros 2 in Japan. The anniversary culminated with the reveal of the Super Mario 3d All-Stars game, featuring emulated versions of Mario 64 and Sunshine. At the same time, Mario Galaxy was a half-native port of the game. Another thing mentioned in the 35th Mario direct was a Mario battle Royale. The only downside to all of these festivities for Nintendo’s mascot? Everything was going to disappear on March 31st, 2021. Which plenty of Mario fans were not happy with. This culminated in an inside joke that Mario would die on March 31st, joking that Nintendo has opted to never make a Mario game again after the day came and went. However, for this year, it seems like Zelda and Metroid have died as well, with nothing being mentioned about either of the series during their big anniversary. The only mention of Zelda was a port of Skyward Sword that is coming to switch, unabashedly at full price, and with one of its biggest quality of life changes being hidden behind a $20 Amiibo.

Public Reception

Twitter has had many fans of the series quote tweeting and replying to the tweet made by the official Smash Bros account, making jokes, or chastising Nintendo for not remembering the 35th anniversary of Zelda. In contrast, many of the other fans seem happy that more events from the game are popping up.

One Twitter user and editor for Fanbyte Media, Imran Khan, had this to say about the event: “Sakurai not being an official employee of Nintendo means he is legally allowed to acknowledge Zelda and Metroid’s 35th anniversaries.”

Another user by the name of @alexhisdumbstu1 made this remark about Nintendo’s seemingly intentional forgetfulness: “If Nintendo ain’t gonna celebrate your series’ anniversary this year, then Smash, and Sakurai will give you what you want.” Needless to say, Nintendo seems to have dropped the ball on the anniversary of some of their biggest series this year, and while they may not have said anything on their special days, Nintendo might try to make up for it this year with E3 happening in a few weeks. However, the prospects of something like that happening are entirely up to speculation. For now, fans will have to settle with a Smash Brother’s tournament to attempt to fill the void that many of the series fans have in their hearts


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