New Showcase of Vertigo 2 Puts Players in the Middle of a Robot Revolution

by in General | Dec, 4th 2021

The VR space has seemingly been limited of quality games this past year. There have been a few standouts. However, some of the most popular titles have been games exclusive to Quest 2, like Resident Evil 4 VR, or one-off multiplayer titles that have taken the world by storm like Gorilla Tag. The last, massive triple-A title, Half-Life Alyx, came out in 2020 and has since been the only AAA VR experience that’s received critical acclaim. 

In a landscape of two-hour VR experiences, there’s still hope, as one game has been steadily working its way to completion, and this game is Vertigo 2. 

Vertigo 2’s New Area Revealed

For those unfamiliar with the VR FPS series, Vertigo 2 is a game that tells the story of a woman who finds herself in an underground science lab, housing interdimensional entities and strange objects. The game’s goal is to find a way back to the surface and back to civilization—fighting robots and monsters along the way. A mix of VR puzzles and fun gunplay has the player running around this science laboratory, fighting massive blobs of goo, alien insects, and security robots who want nothing more than to prevent the player’s escape. 

The game, however, ends on a cliffhanger, with the fate of the player character unknown. However, there’s a sequel planned, titled Vertigo 2, which will continue the adventure of the human character and her ascent back to the surface. 

With the game natively developed for the index, it’s no surprise that the game is shaping up to be a massive experience on par with many other AAA VR titles on the market right now. The game promises fully voiced characters, 16 unique weapons, a full soundtrack, and more. However, the game isn’t complete yet and is still being developed, with the developer, Zach Tsiakalis-Brown and Errol Bucy, working day and night to make sure that the game is as polished as it can be. There’s not a lot of information about it. When information is shown, it’s a big deal, enough for Vertigo 2 to be at Upload VR’s showcase. Alongside games like Moss Book II and Zenith, the developers of Vertigo 2 show off one of their areas in the game. 

The new level is called Autonica, a robot city currently in the middle of the war. The player must make their way through the battlefield and fight against the robots on either side. However, the developer mentions in the trailer that the player actually might choose who they’re going to side with when the game comes out. In the trailer, they mention that the war will end in mutually assured destruction if one side doesn’t win, so the player is going to have to pick a side. Normally, this kind of choice-making wasn’t seen in the original Vertigo, where the player became a one-man army and fought against anything that wanted to make sure they didn’t make it out. As for the opposing sides of the conflict, one side is the rebellion, a group of robots with Russian accents wielding AK-47s and attempting to take the hypercube from the church, who’s using it to power the city. On the other hand, the church uses massive lasers powered by the hypercube, attempting to restore order to the robotic city. 

In 2019, the second game got a demo for players to try out, in which the developers went on hiatus to remaster it so that players could have a cohesive story in preparation for Vertigo 2. With this new showcase of the level, the developer says they are aiming for a 2022 release. However, they mention that no solid release date will be made public until the developer knows they can make the release date. 

Overall, this new level, which is massive in scope, will be a huge highlight. Players will be working their way through the quantum reactor soon enough when the game eventually makes its way to Steam into players’ headsets. 


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