New Ryzen Gaming Laptops From Dell, Alienware, and More Announced

by in General | Apr, 9th 2021

A slew of exciting Ryzen gaming laptops have just been announced by Dell, Alienware, Acer, and HP which, if you’re someone who’s looking to get the most bang for your buck, is definitely a cause for celebration! We also know that Razer has a 14” Blade in the works (one that’ll pack an AMD CPU), so it seems as though everyone’s finally starting to board the mobile Ryzen hype train!

It certainly took them a while, but better late than never! Their decision to switch over to “team red” makes a lot of sense. AMD’s mobile Ryzen processors are astonishingly capable and are much better and more efficient than anything Intel has to offer. Heck, it’s not even a fair fight! When it comes to single-core performance, Intel’s processors can still pack a punch, but once we switch over to multi-core workloads that’s when things start to fall apart for the perennial tech giant.

It’s not that Intel mobile CPUs are necessarily a bad choice — they’re just an ill-advised one. They cost more, they often thermally throttle, and are nowhere near as efficient as most Ryzen mobile processors. So you’re basically paying more for less. Hardly a good deal. Frankly, there’s no reason whatsoever to buy a gaming laptop with an Intel CPU if there’s a AMD-equipped one on the market.

For the longest time, though, manufacturers weren’t willing to “get with the times” — some of them had lucrative deals with Intel and putting AMD internals inside of their devices would’ve required a fair bit of R&D. Which, of course, costs a lot more money than most folks realize. Fortunately for us, the performance delta between Intel and AMD became so noticeable that they had no other choice but to go with “team red.”

So, let’s go over the upcoming Ryzen-based gaming laptops from Dell, Alienware, and HP!

HP Omen 15Z — Sleek, Slender, and Mighty Powerful

Simply put, HP’s Omen series stands out in all the right ways. Ever since Hewlett Packard decided to ditch the whole gamer aesthetic, their machines have been universally praised for their sleek designs and phenomenal value. They don’t scream “gaming” and yet they have the internals for nearly any triple A title you might throw their way.

The OMEN 15z will come equipped with Ryzen 5000 processors (ranging from the Ryzen 5 5600H all the way up to Ryzen 9 5900HX) along with NVIDIA RTX 30 series mobile GPUs. Even if you were to purchase the “base” Ryzen 5 model, you’d still be getting insane value for your money. We’re talking about a 6-core 12-thread processor with integrated Vega 7 graphics and a TDP of 45W. You really don’t need anything more potent for gaming or graphic-intensive workloads.

The 15z will also be adorned with a 15.6” high refresh rate display (144Hz, 300 nits of brightness) along with a 70.9 Wh battery and an imposing list of ports on both the left- and right-hand side. HP might also offer 165Hz/240Hz display options (with QHD) but we’ll have to wait for an official announcement.

Dell & Alienware — Something for Everyone’s Budget

Next up, we have two very interesting options from Dell: the Alienware m15 Ryzen Edition R5 and the Dell G15 Ryzen Edition. The former is pretty much a maxed out gaming beast (with a price tag to match), with the latter being a lot more affordable.

Both gaming laptops will pack AMD’s latest Cezanne-based Ryzen mobile processors and RTX 30 series graphics cards (up to a 3070). You can equip the Alienware m15 Ryzen Edition R5 with either a 240Hz QHD display or a 360Hz FHD one. The base model will retail for around $1800 and will become available in the United States in just a couple of weeks!

Also, it’ll come with an optional ultra-low profile mechanical keyboard that’s been co-developed with Cherry MX — just in case you want a “distinctive typing experience” with per-key RGB lighting. Far from a necessity, but still a nice thing to have.

The G15 Ryzen Edition from Dell, however, has gotten quite a noticeable visual overhaul and will ship in a chassis that is surprisingly similar to the aforementioned Alienware model. Seeing how the G15 is geared more towards budget-conscious buyers, it’ll be equipped with a standard FHD, 120Hz/165Hz display. Still, that’s more than sufficient for an enjoyable gaming experience. It’ll only come with a single GPU option, though, and that’s the RTX 3060. The base model will retail for around $900 and will become available in the US on April 13.

Acer Nitro 5 — Now Better Than Ever

The Nitro 5 from Acer has pretty much been a staple option for years now, primarily because of its price-to-performance ratio. It’s not particularly well-made and it definitely has a couple of noticeable flaws, but it always delivered when it came to performance (i.e. bang for your buck).

And, much like Dell and HP, Acer has also decided to update their most affordable (and therefore most alluring) gaming laptop with the latest and greatest processors from AMD. The interesting bit, however, is that their base model comes with a GTX 1650 — a relatively old and comparatively weak GPU given what’s currently being offered on the market. Fortunately, an RTX 3060 model will still be available, so if you’re someone who’s looking for a lot more GPU power, don’t think twice!

All in all, we’re elated that so many manufacturers have decided to give AMD Ryzen processors (their potent H-series models, no less) a shot. They are, without a shadow of a doubt, the best option on the market and are more than worth your hard-earned money!


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