New Pokémon Snap Update Launches August 3rd, Includes 3 New Tracks, and more Pokémon to Photograph

by in General | Jul, 29th 2021

A highlight of the Pokémon series for many was Pokémon Snap on Nintendo 64, a game where players went on a wildlife safari in the Pokémon universe tasked with taking photos of as many Pokémon as they could and being graded on how well they looked when they were finished. This was one of the few times in the series that Pokémon were shown in 3D, aside from Pokémon stadium at the time. However, the ability for the player to be able to see Pokémon in higher fidelity than what was available on the Game Boy, as well as being able to see these characters in their natural habitat was something that many players loved about the game. Pokémon Snap was a leisure title, as the player just took pictures while on rails, making for an entertaining and surprisingly fun twist to the monster-collecting RPG that many fans knew about. Now, the most recent Pokemon Snap is getting a well welcomed update! 

What’s Coming in the New Update?

New Pokémon Snap also doesn’t forget about its roots either having the protagonist of the original Todd Snap, appear in the game as a side character for the player while they’re taking photos in the new game. New Pokémon Snap also improves upon its predecessor, letting players edit photos before turning them in, as well as changing the rating system, encouraging players to photograph “special moments” in the game, which would be more unique than a regular photo of the Pokémon in question. 

However, after the Nintendo 64, nothing took the place of Pokémon snap until Last April, when New Pokémon Snap hit the scene, being a return to form for the spinoff title, as well as arguably looking better than any other Pokémon game that had come out since, Sword and Shield Included. However, even being over double the length of the original game, fans were clamoring for more content, as the Pokémon index has grown exponentially, bringing hundreds of new Pokémon into the world. And while New Pokémon Snap only has 214, that’s only 24% of all the Pokémon in the entire series. However, it seems that New Pokémon snap is turning that 24% up with the addition of a free update for the game launching Next Tuesday. 

The New Update announces 3 new courses, one of which will take players through a vast canyon down the river rapids, floating along the water with other Pokémon letting the player see some never before seen environments. Another interesting addition to the game with this update is a woodlands track, and while this sounds like a track that’s not too intriguing, the game mixes it up by shrinking the player down to the size of a bug, allowing for photographs of bug Pokémon up close, as well as giant images of normal-sized Pokémon. This new perspective is a well-deserved change of pace and will create more incredible images inside the game. 

The most prominent addition to the game is a new set of Pokémon to take photos of, with Gyarados being one of the Pokémon shown in the trailer. Since players already can take photographs of its previous evolution Magikarp, having the evolution included could mean that other Pokémon are going to have their evolutions added in the game. With the addition of new Pokémon in the game, these three new tracks are going to be interesting when fans get their hands on them, since it’s going to take more than one trip down the track to be able to see everything that New Pokémon Snap has to offer.

The new update launches on August 3rd, and it looks like this breath of new content in the game is going to be exciting for players who enjoyed New Pokémon Snap. 


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