A New Modern Warfare Exploit Makes Defusing in Search & Destroy Almost Impossible

by in Call of Duty | Oct, 7th 2020

Do you want to make the bomb in Search & Destroy in Modern Warfare as annoying as possible? That’s possible thanks to the new defuse exploit discovered by a Redditor in Modern Warfare. The worst (or best, depending on the kind of person you are) part is that it’s overwhelmingly easy to set up. The way this works is you set up the bomb. It’s placed as far out of bounds as possible, so the players that need to defuse it will never be able to get there.

It sounds like this is going to make your Search & Destroy matches as fun as humanly possible!

What’s Going On?

Search & Destroy is a classic mode, that’s for sure. It’s one of this writer’s favorite Call of Duty gameplay maps. In it, two teams have zero respawns, and one has a bomb. One team goes after the bomb to defuse it, and it’s a one-sided game. You have two teams, and the attacking team needs to either eliminate the defending team or detonate one of two bomb sites. Pretty straight forward. The defending team has to defuse the bomb. Now, the attacking team drops the bomb when planted, but with this new defuse exploit in Modern Warfare, that’s not going to be an issue.

OGGigi on Reddit found this, and it’s honestly pretty hilarious. You raise the bomb far above the planting site so that the only way another player can reach it to defuse it is by using exploits of their own. So here’s what we know about it. You place a trophy system a certain distance from the bomb site. You want to plant the bomb on top of the trophy system and then destroy it.

In the video we saw, this leaves the bomb floating above the actual site it’s supposed to be on. It is also on top of the bug that allows for throwing knives to float inside the bomb. That doesn’t sound so bad until you figure out that trying to defuse the bomb kills you instantly, thanks to the throwing knives. Search & Destroy, while a fun mode, is an unplayable mess at this rate.

The worst part about the new defuse exploit in Modern Warfare is how easy it is to put together. It’s remarkably simple. We have no idea if or when it will be addressed. There are so many glitches and bugs in Search & Destroy right now that virtually every map seems to be plagued with people cheating their way to victory. We aren’t in any way endorsing this exploit but bringing it to light. We hope that the Modern Warfare developers see what a fuss it’s raising and does something about it. We’ve also seen our share of Warzone glitches/exploits lately. Remember the Self-Revive glitch or Subway glitch?

If this is how buggy Modern Warfare is now, can you even imagine what kind of nonsense will be in Cold War? We understand that bug hunting is difficult, but more time and attention need to be put into a game used as an esport.


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