New Misfits CS:GO Roster, EUnited Roster Changes, More – CS:GO Recap 9/20/2019

by in CS:GO | Sep, 20th 2019

Welcome back everyone to another exciting day of CS:GO news! Today we’ve got a look at Misfits’ return to CS:GO, the announcement of Na’Vi’s new fifth, and roster changes for EUnited and Hellraiser.

As always, we’ve got a lot to cover today, so let’s dive on in.

Isle of Misfits

Following an almost two-year hiatus from the scene, Misfits Gaming appears to be preparing to reenter the CS:GO competitive scene.

According to a report from Dextero, the team is currently exploring coming back into the North American scene with a new Misfits CS:GO roster to participate in a rumored North American league that’s in the works.

After Valve’s blog post this morning stating they don’t want to approve locked leagues, this could put a dampener on their plan to return, though it could still happen if the league doesn’t include a prohibition of playing in other tournaments.

We’ll have to wait and see how things shake up with the new Misfits CS:GO roster over the coming weeks.

Na’Vi’s New Fifth and Coach

While things are currently unclear with Misfits, we do have some verifiable news today out of Na’Vi, who finally put rumors of a new fifth to rest today.

The team announced today that GuardiaN will officially be making a return to the team at DreamHack Malmö, while B1ad3 will be joining from Gambit as the team’s new coach.

The announcement also clarified that GuardiaN will be taking over the AWPer role for the squad, while S1mple moves back to the Rifler role and takes charge of the teams “discipline and atmosphere.”

Boombl4 will continue with the IGL role for the squad.

A huge pick-up for the squad, it should be exciting to see them in Malmö next month.

EUnited and Hellraisers Make Roster Changes

Speaking of roster changes, we got rumors of a rather big one coming out of EUnited today, as a report from RushB seems to be indicating that Freakazoid may be in talks with the team to replace Moose.

Considering his brother Cooper, who he played with on Swole Patrol, is on the team, the move seems highly likely, though Cooper did leave the team without warning at the time.

We’ll have to wait for the situation to develop, but there is one roster move we can confirm, as Hellraisers has announced their new lineup this morning.

The roster rumored by Overdrive the other day appears to have been right as IGL ANGE1 and Nukkye will be joined by former Vega Squadron players Scoobyxie and Crush, while Pro100’s Flarich slides into the fifth spot on the team.

The rest of the team’s old players, ISSAA, Oksar’ and LoWel, are now up for transfer as well.

An interesting lineup to be sure, we’ll have to see how they shake-up over the coming months, but definitely a solid foundation of talent to work with.

That’s all we have for today, thanks for reading. We’ll be back next week with more CS:GO news, so stay tuned!


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