New LTM for Knockout City Season 4: Aliens and All-Out Mayhem

by in General | Dec, 3rd 2021

Velan is on a roll garnering hype for season 4 of Knockout City, and with the previous season on its way out next Tuesday, players are going to be jumping back into the game to play with their friends once more. While they did announce everything new coming to the game, including alien invasions, flying saucers, new icons and emotes, there are still some things that they didn’t show off until now in a new blog post. One of those things was the new limited time mode coming to the game. However, this new limited-time mode is going to do something different compared to the rest of the modes. It’s going to come in phases with the next part of the game’s lore.

Operation Conflict Escalation

For those who aren’t dialed in on the insane happenings in the cyberpunk world of Knockout City, this new season is introducing the threat of enemies from beyond the stars. They’ve landed in the outskirts of the city, and it’s up to the city’s defense force to take them down. Headed by Commissioner Chase, this ruthless tactician is recruiting brawlers to join in on the fight against the alien menace in this new limited time mode, Conflict Escalation.

The mode is going to be different compared to the other modes in the game, but it might provide an idea about what’s going to come to Knockout City in season 4.

The new mode joins the ranks of Knockout City on December 7th, right at the launch of season 4. However, this new mode is going to put a spin on the game. Team KO remains the same, but this new version is going to make it 4v4 and is going to require that players get 12 points to win a match. Players are going to jump into the match with some modifications made to the arsenal as well. In an effort to make enough bomb balls to meet demands, some cutbacks to the weapons were made. This includes a longer fuse time, and more importantly, no lock on. Players are also going to be throwing blind while playing this new mode. Each spawning site is going to deploy twice the amount of bomb balls as well, meaning that players are going to have double the bomb to worry about. However, this is just phase one. This part of the limited-time mode is going to run from December 7th to December 9th.

After December 9th, phase two is going to commence. This new phase is going to retain the same rules as phase one, but it’s going to introduce a second ball into the mix: sniper balls. With this new weapon in the player’s arsenal, things are going to start getting more heated. However, things won’t start ramping up until the third phase.

The third phase will start on December 12th, and players are now going to be asked to gain 15 points instead of the previous 12 to win a match. With both the untargeted bomb balls and the snipers on the side of the players, there’s also going to be one more upgrade made to the players of the game. This comes in the form of being able to charge both of the balls used in the match even faster. Now with instant fastballs coming to the players, things are going to become more hectic, with only the true victors walking out alive. However, the real fight won’t begin until the final phase of Conflict Escalation.

Starting on December 16th, the final phase of Conflict escalation is going to commence, and players are going to be presented with one more upgrade to finalize the game’s opening mode. Players who get KO’d in the mode are going to be turned into ultimate throws. This will give KO’d players a single chance to take out their enemies when they eventually fall in battle. This mode is going to run for the final stretch of the event, which is going to stop on December 21st, right before Christmas.

New Event, New Contracts

Another new event means more contracts for players to sink their teeth into, however, the rewards for completing these events aren’t going to be Holobux. Instead, they’re going to be giving out XP for the majority of the contracts, however, the challenges aren’t going to be as difficult to complete. The only two more difficult ones shown in the game’s blog are winning 20 matches of Conflict Escalation, and scoring 350 KO’s in the game before the event is up. Those who do complete 5 contracts during this event are going to be rewarded with an uncommon ultimate hologram, which takes the form of a bomb ball. Those who complete all the contracts in the game are going to be rewarded with the legendary crew banner, sporting the bomb ball.

What This New Event Could Mean for Knockout City

The new event is doing something different, coming in phases, with the full-scale assault against the invaders coming in at the end of the event. Looking into the images they’re using for the event, it shows the aliens coming closer to the city from the outskirts, and in turn, becoming more aggressive against the humans fighting them. This could mean that players are going to see this happening in real-time during the course of the event.

It’s not uncommon for the hub to be changed during the course of the game. Players saw this during the start of Season 3, with the hub being filled with secret eyes from Z3RO during the course of the season, as well as for the double XP event Midnight Madness. Perhaps it’s possible that Velan has bigger plans for the course of Knockout City, and the players are going to have a front-row seat to the events unfolding.

It could also be possible that this same philosophy is going to be implemented into future seasons with more events coming and going. In the previous season, players were given the first Deep Space Dispatches, which included lore for the players to be able to listen to.

This was then brought into the new season, with the dispatches now discussing the oncoming Alien Threat. However, some questions remain. December 21st isn’t the end of the 12-week season, so are they going to continue the story after this fight? What’s going to happen next to the players, and in turn, Knockout City?

While it’s all speculation, there could be two options for the story to go in after the end of Conflict Escalation. Players could possibly lose the fight against the aliens, opening the door for another mode to be brought in, as well as the alien cosmetic. Or they could win, which would then change the course of the story, and end the theme early. However, this would prove to be difficult for the rest of the season, as with the alien threat gone, what’s going to happen next?

Perhaps Velan has a plan for either outcome, and players are going to have a choice, although it’s not confirmed either way yet. The truth will be revealed to all players looking on when the new season, and new event launch on December 7th, 2021.


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