New LoL Rammus Rework Coming to Wild Rift & PC

by in League of Legends | Jan, 15th 2021

Riot Games’ “Quick Gameplay Thoughts” blog often shares what the company is looking to do in the game. This is the stuff that isn’t always guaranteed to go out, but there is something interesting on the way. Today, RiotScruffy highlighted a champion that’s definitely deserving some love: Rammus. That’s right, everyone’s favorite speed demon in LoL, Rammus will see a rework as he comes to Wild Rift! This should also be coming to League of Legends, and we’re very excited about that.

“Okay.” – Rammus

RiotScruffy points out that they want Wild Rift and LoL PC to be similar, but not the same. To be honest, Rammus has been kind of bland, even if he is fun to play. He hasn’t seen a whole lot of major changes since his inception, years ago. The dev team put together a small list of things they want to improve on Rammus as the LoL rework gets ready for Wild Rift and LoL PC.

Do be aware that this list of changes could be adjusted in the future, or thrown out entirely. I don’t think this will though, it sounds like it will be a positive improvement for the game. Here are the goals provided by RiotScruffy:

  • Increase gameplay options for Rammus. Give a historically linear character more choices and interactions beyond just running at someone and taunting. Broadening gameplay should also help Rammus out in higher MMRs.
  • Giving Rammus players a distinctive high-point that properly reflects his high-speed fantasy.
  • Aim is to be power-neutral, with the understanding that these new tools probably buff him a bit at high MMR.
  • Improve clarity and satisfaction on both VFX and SFX

These all make sense to me. Rammus isn’t bad. Let’s be clear about that. He’s very niche, in that he fills a role quite well. When the enemy team is running just obnoxious physical damage characters, he cleans them up in short order. Perhaps the best thing about this is a new ultimate, “Soaring Slam”. Here’s what Soaring Slam does right now, for the LoL rework of Rammus for Wild Rift.

  • Rammus leaps into the air and slams down at a location, dealing magic damage and slows enemies for 1 second. If this is cast during Powerball, enemies near the center are also Knocked Up, and take the Powerball collision damage. This will end Powerball’s effect.
  • Rammus also generates 3 additional aftershocks at the target location, each one dealing a small amount of magic damage and refreshing the initial slow. Soaring Slam deals 200% to turrets, and the range is increased based on Rammus’ Move Speed. Current CD: 100/80/60 >>> 120/100/80 seconds.

That is an awesome Ultimate. You can get that speed going, Powerball, and tower dive with Soaring Slam, obliterating the tower and stopping the enemy from fleeing. I really like this idea. His Puncturing Taunt (E) is also getting a brief bit of changes:

  • Taunt duration is increased by 250% on monsters.
  • Cooldown: 12/11.5/11/10.5/10 >>> 12 at all ranks
  • Taunt Duration: 1.25-2.25 >>>1-2 seconds

Tahm Kench Changes Coming Soon

RiotScruffy finally points out that they have not forgotten Tahm Kench. It’s still coming, but it’s taking longer, considering how much is going into it. This support main is going to be patient on that front. Sounds like good things are on the way with the rework for Rammus in LoL’s Wild Rift and PC editions. How do you feel about it? Feel free to let us know on social media!


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