New, Lighter PlayStation 5 Digital Edition Revision Coming Soon

by in General | Jul, 21st 2021

Here’s a strange bit of news: an upcoming revision of the PlayStation 5 Digital Edition will soon go on sale and will be a whopping 300 grams lighter than the original. The confusing part? There isn’t any concrete design change — none whatsoever, in fact. This upcoming revision will look exactly the same as the original, with the only other difference being a new thumbscrew for its vertical stand — a nice little touch that will result in users not having to use a screwdriver.

Sony’s new user manual shows this nifty little addition in great detail.

A Most Confusing Update

Now, it’s not rare for manufacturers to update their consoles in small and nuanced ways months after release. This happens all the time and there’s no pomp about it whatsoever — we often don’t even know when it happens.

But we can’t recall there ever being an instance in which a console’s weight was reduced by such a considerable amount without any change in design — we’re talking two-thirds of a pound here. That’s not insignificant by any stretch of the imagination.

We know for a fact that Sony will release a (noticeably) trimmed down version of the PlayStation 5 in a couple of years’ time, but why they’ve decided to “trim the fat” so to speak just a couple of months into PS5’s life cycle will remain a mystery, at least for the time being.

Its dimensions will remain the same, it’ll still have a giant heatsink, ample plastic shielding, and an internal power supply. We’ll just have to wait for someone to tear it down — there’s no other way to find out. Fortunately, that’ll come in the very near future as this (noticeably lighter) PlayStation 5 Digital Edition revision is slated to go on sale at the end of July.

Right now, it’ll be sold in Japan only, but it’s probably just a matter of time before it reaches other markets as well.


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