New League of Legends Champion Yuumi Breakdown

by in General | May, 1st 2019

We finally have a brand-new League of Legends champion to breakdown, and this time she’s a feline support! So let’s do a somewhat quick Yuumi breakdown in order to see what the latest addition to the roster brings to the table!

We will go over her ability kit, possible Rune choices, as well as hypothesize on a couple of potential builds. Do have in mind that Yuumi still hasn’t been released and that the numbers and ratios we might have aren’t final. These things are subject to change on a weekly basis.

First of all, let’s take a quick look at Riot’s official announcement video:

While the video doesn’t distinctly highlight each ability, one thing is for certain — she’s quite a nimble support champion that brings a metric ton of utility to the Summoner’s Rift.

“Shield! Heal! Cuddle! What can’t I do?”

So without any further ado, let’s start out Yuumi breakdown!

Ability Kit

As a true support, Yuumi has a utility-centric ability kit:

Passive — “Bop ‘n’ Block”

After a short period of time, Yuumi’s next attack against an opponent will restore a portion of her missing mana and grant her a shield. If Yuumi is in her attached state (more on that below), the shield will protect her ally instead. Finally, the shield is active until it is broken, so think of it like Morgana’s “Black Shield.”

This is an interesting passive. Perhaps the correct word of choice would be “balanced.” When used correctly it will provide additional protection to either Yuumi or her ally of choice.

Q — “Prowling Projectile”

Yuumi fires a projectile that deals magic damage to the first enemy hit. If the projectile travels a set distance, it will deal additional damage and will slow the target. While Yuumi is attached to an ally, she can fire the projectile from her ally’s position and you’ll be able to direct it using your mouse.

A pretty basic, well-rounded ability that will play an integral part in your basic combo. It probably won’t do a lot of damage, so you’ll be aiming to get the right distance and proc the built-in slow.

W — “You and Me!”

This is where things get incredibly interesting. Yuumi’s W has two components — an active and a passive one. When you activate your W, Yuumi will dash towards an ally and attach to them. While attached, she will follow her ally’s movement and will be un-targetable by anything except opposing towers.

So for as long as your W lasts, your opponents can’t target you. While attached, any ability you active will fire from your ally’s location, and you won’t be able to attack enemies. Finally, Yuumi can detach after a set duration, or attach to another ally with no cooldown.

Her passive, on the other hand, provides her ally with a percentage of Yuumi’s Ability Power which will get converted to Adaptive Force.

So basically if you’re going for a full AP build, you can attach to an AD (or AP) champion and a portion of your AP will get converted into Adaptive Force. You’re basically granting an ally a noticeable boost in power regardless of their role and build. That’s huge. And seeing how you can attach from one ally to another in quick succession, you’ll be able to pick and choose who’ll get your power bonus.

If you choose your allied targets carefully, you could make quite a big difference once those late-game five-on-five brawls start breaking out.

A key ability in every regard, and definitely the most unique aspect of her kit that makes Yuumi stand out from the crowd.

E — “Zoomies”

Yuumi heals herself and gains a short burst of movement speed. If she’s attached to an allied champion, her ally gets both bonuses. Finally, this ability has two charges, much like Taric’s Q “Starlight’s Touch.”

R — “Final Chapter”

Yumi opens her book and launches waves of magic damage in a straight line. If an enemy gets hit by multiple waves they will be rooted for a set duration. And here’s the kicker — while using her ultimate, Yuumi can move freely but also attach to allied champions and even use her heal.

Yuumi’s kit seems rather interesting. She’s basically invulnerable while in her attached state but can still heal and shield her allies. As if that utility wasn’t enough, she can also provide a solid damage boost, which may or may not be highly impactful depending on her build.

While it’s still too early to hand out a concrete verdict, it seems like she could also (depending on her AP ratios) be played as an AP carry. The fact that she could evade incoming attacks (and danger in general) by attaching to her support would provide her with an additional layer of self-protection. Pair her up with a support pick that can pack a punch and all of a sudden you have a potent bottom lane duo. We’ve already seen something similar with the recent Sona and Taric bottom lane. Not only can both champions build Sightstone later on in the game, but they’re able to provide incredible amounts of healing as well once they stack up a couple of items.

Both Pyke and Rakan — two support releases before Yuumi — were both relatively flexible. Mid lane Rakan was abused for a short amount of time, and the same went for mid/jungle/ADC Pyke.


While the creativity of many players across the globe never ceases to amaze us, this is a champion that will almost surely be bottom lane-focused. Yuumi simply doesn’t have enough power in her Q and E in order to stand a chance as a mid or top laner.

League of Legends Yuumi Gif

That said, depending on the match-up, she could, in theory, be played as an AP carry in the bottom lane. Fortunately, we won’t have to wait for long before actually playing her and testing that theory out ourselves.

Rune Choices

Sorcery and Inspiration will almost surely be her default go-to options.

Summon Aery is a perfect fit for her ability kit — it will both provide an additional shield to your allies, but also dish out additional damage when you land your abilities offensively. Manaflow Band (hitting enemies with spells grants maximum mana) or The Ultimate Hat seem like two great options for different reasons. We still don’t know her mana costs so perhaps going for additional ultimate reduction is for the best.

Her third Sorcery slot provides a bit more versatility. If you’re playing Yuumi as a support, going for Transcendence would be for the best — you need all the CDR you can get. If you’re building AP, then going for Absolute Focus would be the better idea because it’ll grant you additional adaptive damage when you’re above 70% health.

Finally, her fourth slot doesn’t provide a whole lot of options. You’ll either go for Scorch (the ability to burn an opponent every 20s after landing an ability) or Gathering Storm, which will provide increasing amounts of AD/AP (Adaptive) as the game goes on.

As for the Inspiration secondary tree, going for Cosmic Insight (+5% CDR, +5% Max CDR, +5% Summoner Spell CDR) and Magical Footwear (free boots at the twelve-minute mark) seem like the best options. Going for a Stopwatch instead of Magical Footwear should also be perfectly viable.

Possible Build Paths

Seeing how Yuumi is a perfect fit for the enchanter support role, you’ll build the same items as if you were playing Janna or Karma. Ardent Censer for bonus ability power, cooldown reduction, movement speed, as well as enhanced healing and shielding. After building Ardent, you’ll build Redemption and/or Athene’s Unholy Grail.

If, on the other hand, you want to have a little bit of oomph behind your feline punches, going for Morellonomicon or Rabadon’s Deathcap will give you a noticeable boost in power.

Remember — by attaching to an ally you’ll be giving them a share of your Ability Power as Adaptive Force, so the more AP you have the more Force you can give. Having a lot of cooldown reduction will allow you to heal and shield more frequently, and by having a bit of AP you’ll be able to boost your allies in ways we really haven’t seen in League of Legends so far.

That’s it for our Yuumi breakdown! By the looks of it, the latest addition to the ever-growing League of Legends champion roster brings quite an interesting set of abilities. Yuumi is currently playable on the PBE (Public Beta Environment) so expect a lot more coverage over the coming days.

Finally, if you’re a fan of the written word, you can always hop onto Riot’s official Yuumi lore page and read to your heart’s content!


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