New League of Legends Champion Seraphine Teased on Twitter

by in League of Legends | Aug, 20th 2020

Riot’s incredible teasers just keep on coming. Most players invested in Legends of Runeterra are spending these days theorycrafting about the Call of the Mountain expansion that’s right around the corner, but that doesn’t mean there’s nothing in the League of Legends realm to talk about. On the contrary — the upcoming League of Legends champion Seraphine seems to be getting teased in the form of a Twitter profile!

As always, these are just rumors on the internet and they should be taken with a shovel of salt, but most recent high-profile leaks turned out to be correct — including the ones about Lilia and Yone. This isn’t the first time we’ve heard of Seraphine, but with multiple images hitting the web, it’s certainly the most alluring leak so far!

Riot’s Most Elaborate Teaser Yet?

A Twitter profile that was created in June 2020 depicts the new League of Legends champion Seraphine and her daily life — accompanied with real-life photos of her cat, drawings, musical taste, mishappenings in the kitchen, and everything in between. Seraphine’s design and overall aesthetic are a perfect match with multiple other champions from the Runeterra universe, along with K/DA and True Damage skin lines. There are also several ties between Seraphine and China, which points to her full reveal probably happening during the World Championship — something Riot teased in their dev posts as well.

Her username on social media is seradotwav which is in line with her musical interests. We already knew that Riot was preparing a musical mage for 2020, so this is either a pretty fantastic way to tease the reveal of Seraphine or a champion hoax for the ages.

Another user on Reddit pointed out that one of her covers is licensed to Universal — the same company Riot just announced a partnership with. We’re no Sherlock Holmes, but putting two and two together shouldn’t be too hard with this one!

Either way, the hype is mounting!

Seraphine was supposed to be released after a champion called Samira (a marksman from Shurima), but it’s possible that Riot decided to switch their releases for whatever reason. Seeing how half the planet is still fighting COVID-19, it might be because she was further in development (or is easier to develop during these trying times). Either way, we can only speculate until we hear from Riot or additional info emerges from the League of Legends Seraphine Twitter account.


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