New Knockout City LTM Mode Gives Players Random Superpowers

by in General | Sep, 1st 2021

The second season of Knockout City continues, and while players have been enjoying the new movie lot map, there’s still more content to come, while originally, the next event for Knockout City was supposed to come out last week, the event had to be delayed. To give players some compensation a double XP weekend was awarded to all players. However, the new mode finally came out yesterday. This new mode is going to change things up, both inside and outside of battle. Aside from throwing dodgeballs, the new Knockout City LTM is going to let players take on the role of Superheroes in a match where everyone gets a random superpower. 

Knockout City Heroes

Posted on their blog yesterday, some information about how the Knockout City LTM is going to work has been laid out. The story inside the game is as follows. An evil supervillain group called V.I.P.E.R. Has spiked Knockout City’s supply of Boba Cola with a concoction called Chemical V. This mad science potion has given the brawlers of knockout city physics-defying superpowers, and with all the commotion from the superpowered brawlers running around, V.I.P.E.R. is committing their dastardly crimes around the city. However, much as there are supervillains, superheroes are bound to be around, and a superhero duo is there to stop V.I.P.E.R. in their tracks. This is none other than KO City’s own Captain KO and Curve Shot Kid. Players will be tasked with picking sides and joining in on the fun themselves. 


The Knockout City LTM, called 3v3 Superpowers, will put players into a normal Team KO Match, but now, instead of playing normally, they’ll be rewarded with a random superpower that will change the tides of the battle. There are multiple superpowers to try out as well.

  • Ball form Bounce – Running into a bounce pad with ball form will ultimate throw the player, making it possible for sneaky team KOs.
  • Charge-Up – When catching and passing, extra overcharge will be added to the ball, making it possible for players to not expect the speed of the ball.
  • Tackle Strike – Dashing into opponents will cause damage, making it possible to knock out opponents who are in low health.
  • Double Jump – It does what it says on the box, players will gain a second jump before being put into the glider mode.
  • Healing Powers – health will regenerate over time, allowing for players to get hit, and then take a step back and recuperate before jumping back into the fight.
  • Strength – Dashing into players will allow for them to be picked up, which can be used for some Easy KOs off the map.
  • X-Ray Vision – Players can now be targeted through the walls, and can be used to pull some impressive shots if thrown right.

However, while all these powers are cool, they only last a single life, so if players are knocked out in the superheroes mode, they’ll respawn with a new superpower that can possibly turn the tides of battle. Players are going to have to coordinate and focus on synergizing their powers if they plan on winning against the enemy teams who are looking for a fight in KO City. Players will find themselves using the abilities in all sorts of ways, from using the X-Ray vision to curve a ball around Galaxy burger, to using the double jump to gain enough vertical height for a slam dunk on the enemy, or even using the strength in the game to pick up a player and throw them off the map. 

There’s also a possibility that these superpowers are going to help achievement hunters looking to grab a couple of extra tricky achievements. With the infamous invincible achievement, where players have to win a whole match without being knocked out. This could be done by using the healing ability to stay on top of the game without hiding the whole match as well. 

Hero Contracts

With every event, contracts are coming to commemorate the mode, however, these contracts are different, seeing that the player is picking sides, they’re not going to be gaining XP to complete their villainous, or heroic look, they’re going to gain Hero Crystals. Each contract completed in the game is going to give them 75 Hero Crystals, and they’re going to have to work hard if they plan to clear all 13 contracts before the event ends on the 14th of September. Some of the contracts range from KO’ing 10 players with each superpower to winning 35 matches of the superheroes mode. Completing all 13 contracts will net player’s a special Ultimate Hologram.

The Hero Shop

What are the power crystals used for after completing contracts? Well, players will have 13 days to purchase items inside of the hero shop! These new items are themed after both sides of the fight, with Curve Shot Kid’s outfit, and the goons of V.I.P.E.R. There are also some special crew vehicles, and even some crew logos, and banners as well! Players can spend all their hard-earned crystals on this shop, but they’re not going to be available for long, as the shop is going to close in 13 days.

Superheroes are coming to Knockout City!

However, this isn’t the only thing that’s going to be superhero-themed, as the game is going to include a special bundle in the brawl shop for 2400 Holobux, which is going to be the two main characters of this comic book story. Viper himself, and Captain KO are going to be included in the bundle, as well as 5 style chips to mix and match their superhero getup. Although, not everything is included in the bundle. More Hero-themed items are going to be cycling through the brawl shop as well, including a special MVP animation that puts the player in the classic Villain’s chair, complete with an armadillo they’re petting. 

Also included in the game are some rewards for the crews, with a new crew vehicle as well as a new crew logo themed after the villains of the comic book event. 

Lastly, there’s a special piece of information about the Knockout City LTM that’s coming out. During each day of the event, Velan is going to release a new piece of the comic book story for players to see. This comic book at the moment shows how V.I.P.E.R. spiked the city’s cola with chemical V, and with time, he’s going to come face to face with Captain KO, and Curve Shot Kid. Players should keep their eyes on the website to see the comic unfold as it continues throughout the event. 

This is one of Knockout City’s biggest events yet, changing the game, literally. This looks to be like another excuse to pop open the game and give the new mode a shot, and player’s who want to check it out should do so as fast as possible, as the mode is going to vanish as soon as it’s appeared. 


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