New Hearthstone Cinematic Teases League of Explorers Expansion

by in Hearthstone | Jun, 27th 2019

Blizzard has graced us with a new Hearthstone cinematic to watch, enjoy, and pore over for the next several days and weeks as we attempt to figure out exactly what it all means. The new video, simply titled “What’s this?” is a short clip that barely lasts over a minute.

New Hearthstone Cinematic Details

Despite its short length overall, the new Hearthstone cinematic still features that same glorious, detailed 2D that never fails to impress. The video begins with bright lightning and thunder heard in the distance as we see someone sneak their way into a room in the middle of a stormy night.

It’s quickly apparent that the video is featuring none other than King Togswaggle himself and he seems to be taking a look at one of the Tarot decks that uses Madame Lazul. As he begins to look over the deck in front of him, we see that one of the cards is glowing brightly.

King Togswaggle looks around to make sure that no one is nearby before reaching for the glowing card. As he begins to peel the card back, the glow grows brighter and we begin to hear some loud Indiana Jones-like music that causes Togswaggle to quickly put the card back down.

He hesitates before finally picking up the card to see what’s underneath, which causes the music to blast out and blow everything around the king away. He simply mutters the words “uh oh” before we see the end of the clip without being able to find out what that card happens to be.

What the Hearthstone Cinematic Means

The fear on his face seems to indicate that things aren’t looking so hot for the League of EVIL who dominated the most recent expansion Rise of Shadows, which saw the group of evil villains invade all manner of cards and decks with their vile ways.

But what does the music mean? Well, it seems to be hinting to the game’s Indiana Jones-like characters that we know as the League of Explorers. If you haven’t been playing the game since the beginning, you might not remember or know this group of heroes.

The League of Explorers was a solo adventure that featured Brann Bronzebeard, Elise Starseeker, Sir Finley Mrrgglton, and Reno Jackson. During the adventure, the group was traveling around the world searching for a mysterious staff called the Staff of Origination.

The crux of the solo adventure saw the four heroes take on evil people who wanted the staff for their own messed up reasons. These heroes have been cards in the game in the past and couple that with their desire for exploration and justice, it seems like all signs are pointing to them.

The Hearthstone cinematic is likely teasing the second expansion for this year that will feature the League of Explorers heavily. This would be great as it would give the heroes a chance to retaliate against King Togswaggle himself and the rest of his League of EVIL.

We won’t have to wait too much longer either to find out what the Hearthstone cinematic is teasing as the end of the clip shows that we will uncover what’s next on July 1. That’s only a few days away so be sure to stay tuned right here next week for the full reveal of what is likely going to be the second expansion of 2019.


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