New Fortnite Propifier Weapon Drops This Week

by in Fortnite | Aug, 11th 2021

Epic Games has dropped yet another weekly update for Fortnite battle royale. This latest one includes some new additions to the game alongside some much-needed fixes. The update this week is all about bringing the Fortnite Propifier to battle royale and more. 

Fortnite Propifier Is Here

It is quite surprising that we are now getting yet another weekly update on a Tuesday when the same situation has happened for the last couple of weeks now, including the release of the Fortnite Grabitron in Season 7 and other items that were released. 

It feels like Epic is doling out a little bit of new content every once in a while in this current season to ensure that players have something interesting to do while we wait for the end to come. This season will likely be extended, so this is a great way to help with that. 

In this latest update, players can look forward to the main new content drop in the new Fortnite Propifier weapon. This is the third new weapon in three weeks. It is just the latest invention from the alien horde to help them take over the island. 

The aliens have outdone the humans once more by taking one of the gameplay mechanics that they know that players use in Fortnite and amping it up a notch. This way has allowed the new Fortnite Propifier weapon to appear and offer a really fun gameplay addition to battle royale. 

New Fortnite Propifier Weapon Explained

The Fortnite Propifier is a brand new weapon that is not necessarily meant to be used to attack other players directly. Like the last couple of weapons that the aliens have come up with in Fortnite, it is more a supplementary weapon capable of helping players out. 

As the name of the new Fortnite Propifier gun implies, this has to do with props and lots of them. This new weapon is bringing the fan-favorite Prop Hunt mechanics to battle royale in a new way that includes fooling your enemies, so they will not know what you will do next. 

How it works is that the Fortnite Propifier lets you take a look at the options that you have among different prop items on a holographic display. You can go through them and select which one you would like to select and then activate the Propifier to, well, propify your character into the specified object. 

This will turn your character model into the specific prop that you have chosen. This will allow you to become various objects in the game and then hide them somewhere on the island. 

This New Gun Is Great for Fighting and Escaping

Not only will this mean some great news for Creative once the gun arrives there, but it means that you have new ways of fighting in battle royale. You can use this to hide your location for a while, wait until an unsuspecting player walks by, and then launch a sneak attack on them. 

This is a great way to hide and prepare to take someone out who has been chasing you for a while or even escape when you know that you are too weak to survive a fight against them. You could hide until they are gone and then run away, heal up, and so on. 

The Fortnite Propifier turns you into a prop. That works much like the popular Prop Hunt game modes out there. You can move around, but you can also settle into place once you have found the right hiding spot. However, there is a catch with settling into place that you need to know about.

While you will look pretty realistic and believable, if someone sticks around long enough or looks too hard, they will notice that your prop will glitch now and then. This will potentially give away to some players who look closely enough that you are not a real prop at all. 

In this way, it encourages players to stay on the move as a prop or only use the Fortnite Propifier for a short time. If you want to pick up this gun and use it in matches, you can find it in chests, on top of the Abductor ships, and at the Mothership in Season 7. 

Other Season 7 Additions and Changes in This Update

Alongside the release of the Fortnite Propifier is another major addition: the long-awaited arrival of Superman in Fortnite. It would not be an alien-themed season without the most famous superpowered alien of them all. Players can finally unlock the Superman and Clark Kent skins if they have the Season 7 battle pass. Be sure to check back here for our full guide and tips on how to unlock these skins this week. 

Furthermore, this update includes some bug fixes, like adjusting the rate of alien nanites so that players can now find a greater number of them on the island. Ironically, the prop disguise services have been disabled from vendors due to an issue and will return soon. 

It is currently unknown if that has to do with the Propifier weapon, but it is possible. Speaking of which, players should keep in mind that the new gun is not available in the competitive playlists, like Arena, but will be in regular battle royale game modes at least. It will be interesting to see if Epic Games keeps up this weekly Season 7 update train going next week, so stay tuned for that then. 


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