New Fortnite Galaxy Scout Skin Reportedly Leaks, Releases This Month

by in Fortnite | Jul, 20th 2020

Epic Games could be releasing a new cosmetic skin soon for Fortnite battle royale and it looks like the skin is going to be an immediate fan favorite. This is because a brand new Fortnite Galaxy skin has reportedly leaked for the battle royale title and it will be coming out very soon.

New Fortnite Galaxy Skin Leaks

Throughout the history of Fortnite battle royale, it would be very easy to say that one of, if not the, the most popular skins that has ever been released for the game period. That said, it has also been one of the elusive ones ever, but this new Fortnite Galaxy skin could take care of that past problem.

The Fortnite Galaxy skin leak comes from the popular data miner and battle royale leaker HYPEX who we have covered many times in the past. This leaker is usually correct about everything that we have covered them leaking in the past, but still take this with a pinch of salt.

HYPEX posted recently on their Twitter account about the new Galaxy skin that is reportedly going to be known as the Galaxy Scout skin. What is interesting about this leak is that not only did the user find the item in the game files per usual, but they also found very convincing marketing materials for it that are likely going to be used in the future.

In honor of some sort of “Fortnite Galaxy Cup,” the new Galaxy Scout skin will be released in the game very soon on July 25-26. It seems that those dates are only two days that you will be able to pick up this skin in the game and add it to your collection, which isn’t a ton of time honestly.

How to Unlock This New Skin

But what might interest players more than anything else about this new Fortnite Galaxy skin is that the Galaxy Scout outfit is going to be actually available in a different way reportedly than the previous Galaxy skins that were released for the game.

The Galaxy Scout skin will reportedly be released in the daily item shop like most other paid skins that you can get in Fortnite, but this is a far cry from how the previous ones were handled in the game. This was likely because of the partnership with Samsung at the time, hence the Galaxy name.

That said, what is interesting about this new Galaxy Scout skin is that it is actually in collaboration between Epic Games and Samsung once again. Strangely enough, this one skin isn’t actually being part of some weird promotion with a new Samsung Galaxy phone or anything like that in the past.

Instead, it seems like players will just be able to purchase this skin in the item shop. HYPEX noted that, in addition to the Scout skin, there will be a similar Galaxy weapon wrap that will appear in the item shop, too. This is the part that leads us to believe that both items will be in the shop.

Past Galaxy Skins Were Elusive

It is possible that the data miner is only referring to the weapon wrap in this case and the skin will be offered not in the item shop but in a different way. There is even the chance that the upcoming rumored Galaxy Cup that will take place this weekend will be how players are able to unlock this skin.

That would be a strange way to handle what is likely going to be a very popular skin, so hopefully all the player has to do is enter the event and they will get the skin. Otherwise, the best way is to just have it available for purchase as doing it any other way will just limit to only a portion of the player base.

Unfortunately, that is something that the past Fortnite Galaxy skins have done when it comes to unlocking them. Back in 2018, the first Galaxy skin was released and it still remains to this day one of the best skins to be ever released for the battle royale game.

Sadly, the only way that you were able to get the skin was by purchasing one of the new Samsung Galaxy devices back then and it was even limited to certain models. If you didn’t have the money to shell out for one of those very expensive phones or knew someone who had one, you were almost out of luck.

What the Galaxy Scout Skin Looks Like

This led to only some players having this skin and it becoming one of the most elusive and highly sought after skins in the history of Fortnite. And even the sequel to that skin was difficult to get as well, making the Galaxy skins even more popular in the process.

So, in that way, it would make sense to have this new Galaxy Scout skin be also really hard to unlock but it is about time that more players are able to easily unlock a Galaxy skin for themselves. Or, at the very least, it would be nice to have one of the older skins in the series released in the item shop this weekend for players to purchase it if they missed out the first time around.

It is possible that that isn’t actually possible due to whatever agreement was made between Samsung and Epic Games, but it would be a nice gesture at the very least. After all, the Galaxy Scout is really nice, sporting a similar look to the original one but with a female character who has cool hair and blue fingers and sneakers.


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