New Fortnite Crew Legacy Set Includes Evolving Cosmetic Items

by in Fortnite | Aug, 31st 2021

Epic Games has announced a new set of cosmetic items released for the Fortnite Crew subscription. It is one of the most unique packs that we have ever seen for the game. Because of the mechanics surrounding it, the new Fortnite Legacy Set might be very intriguing for players. 

Fortnite Legacy Set Announced for Crew Subscription

As always, with the end of the month, Epic Games has revealed what players could look forward to in the next month for the Crew subscription. The monthly subscription service will offer players a chance to unlock some new items with a special hook. 

They are releasing today, Tuesday, August 31, so anyone who has an active Crew subscription will be able to collect these items in the set. The Fortnite Legacy Set only includes two items in total, but there are some very special parts about both of them that will likely interest players. 

The Fortnite Legacy Set only includes a single back bling item and a pickaxe for you to equip and use in matches. That might be surprising since this set doesn’t include a skin as most bundles do. However, there is a unique feature that they both have that makes up for this fact. 

The two items are customizable in the usual way of allowing the player to pick between different variants, but they are different versions of the cosmetics as well. Better yet, they do not work in the same way that past items that have followed this format used. 

Legacy Set Items

The two items in the Fortnite Legacy Set are the Protocol Pack back bling and the Zen Axe pickaxe. When it comes to the back bling, how it looks by default is a tiny little red machine on your back that looks cool, sure, but does not have much going on with it initially.

There is smoke coming out from under what looks to be exhaust pipes or something else under them, but the backpack is pretty simple overall and not too interesting at first. The same can be said for the new pickaxe that Crew subscribers will get starting soon.

It is a dual pickaxe, meaning one weapon in each hand, but the actual axes (or knives, really) are not too detailed or interesting. They have some sharp and twisty edges that make it have a unique design overall, but it lacks in the visual department.

However, the Fortnite Legacy Set is likely meant to be this way initially. You see, the whole point of these two items is that they are progressive ones that will evolve. This is something that Epic Games has done many times in the past with items that get bigger, more detailed, and have more patterns over time.

But, usually, the hook with those progressive items is that players must do something to make it happen inside of the game. Some of those past items could mean completing a special set of challenges tied to the skin or items in question to unlock more options for it.

On the other hand, the possibility is that players might have to progress through that season’s battle pass to earn the extra options and better looks for the items. However, the Fortnite Legacy Set is different from past progressive items in that it has a unique way of unlocking new options.

Progression Is Tied Into the Crew Subscription

Since it is a Crew subscription pack, the way of unlocking the other options is also tied in the sub. You start with the first stage of the back bling. That is it, but subscribing for more months in the Crew subscription will earn players the next stages in the set. 

The Fortnite Legacy Set has six stages in total, meaning that players will need to have the subscription for six months overall if they want to unlock all of the possible stages for it. The first stage, as already mentioned, includes the back bling only and does not even have the pickaxe yet. 

The second stage that comes in the next month is that you subscribe to Crew. After receiving the first one, you will unlock the new elite style for the back bling. The third stage will continue this trend by unlocking the overdrive style for the back bling and the first form of the Zen Axe pickaxe. 

With the fourth stage, the pickaxe will now take center stage and receive the striker style for it, while the next month, which is the fifth one, will offer players the ultra style of the pickaxe. Then, last but not least, the sixth and final stage will happen in the sixth month, which will grant players the Zen Assault pickaxe style. 

There Are Time Limits for the Legacy Set

The back bling is fully customizable, allowing players to choose the main color for it, the color of the smoke that comes out from underneath it, the banner that it displays, and the color of that banner. Fortunately, while you need to subscribe for six months, you do not have to do that in a row. 

You can pause your subscription to Crew at any time and then pick back up from where you left off the next time you resubscribe, so long as you follow some restrictions in place. For one, every stage after the first one unlocks on the 14th of each month. 

There is also a time limit on this Fortnite Legacy Set, with the first stage only being available until December 31, 2021. You need to subscribe and unlock it before then, or you may never get another chance. Once you have it, though, you have a full year to unlock the other five stages.

The time starts when you unlock the first stage. Then have 12 months to get to the other stages, leaving you some wiggle room for taking breaks in your subscription if you need to. But if you do not unlock all six stages before the year is up, there is a chance you may never be able to get the other styles. Presumably, this time limit is in place to encourage players to subscribe to Crew, but likely because we could have a similar set next year, so we will have to wait and see. 


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