New Dragon Ball Fighterz Rage Quit Penalty Introduces Lifetime Bans

by in Fighting Game News | Aug, 31st 2020

Arc System Works has had enough of players rage quitting their matches in Dragon Ball FighterZ. They’re now laying down the law in a new system that will punish players who repeatedly leave matches. It seems that even players that have poor internet connections could get caught up in this crossfire as well. 

Arc System Works Lays Down the Law

Dragon Ball players were stunned this morning when a new notice hit the notification system in the game about the penalty, addressing the long-standing Dragon Ball FighterZ rage quit issue. 

“We will now be imposing restrictions on players who deliberately disconnect during online matches,” Arc System Works said in an in game notification. “These players will be restricted from entering lobbies for a set period of time, or about one week. During this restricted period, players will still be ablet o play the game in the offline lobby. If you are unintentionally disconnecting several times, please check your internet connection settings.”

Of course, this would all be well and good if that was all the message said, and surely a deterrent for players that were constantly rage quitting. However, someone at Arc System Works clearly has had enough of the constant complaining by the community because they continued. 

“If a player is found to be repeatedly engaging in the above behavior, the restrictions mentioned above may become permanent for that player,” Arc System Works said. “We will continue to do what we can to ensure all players have an enjoyable experience with the game.”

The fact that Arc System Works had to do this at all is a testament to the impact this issue has had on the fighting game community and especially Dragon Ball FighterZ. In a game like Dragon Ball, it’s pretty easy to see when you’ve been bested and are in the throes of a touch of death combo. There’s plenty of time for a player to just exit the game on their console and thus avoid a loss. Unfortunately, Dragon Ball is not like Smash where the CPU will take over if someone leaves – the match completely abandons itself and the player is denied a win, or even finishing the match. A very frustrating experience indeed. 

Players With Poor Connections Are Out of Luck

Arc System Works is now following advice that’s long been given by the FGC – to not care as much about players with poor connections. Their advice for players to simply “check their internet connections” proves as much, and also proves that they are somewhat frustrated with the lack of solid internet connections from their playerbase. This lack of solid internet connections somewhat contributes to the problems with the game’s netcode in the first place, after all – an issue that the developer refuses to fix, though they could with rollback netcode as they are in Guilty Gear Strive.

Regardless, players around the internet are rejoicing at the news that Arc System Works is taking one of its biggest problems with Dragon Ball seriously. The lack of players being able to rage quit means that players should be in for more satisfying matches that are at least allowed to be carried out to their conclusion.

This means a few things for Dragon Ball players – firstly, that every match they enter into should at the very least be able to be completed, without serious penalty for the quitting player. Secondly, this means that players that are skilled should be able to climb in the ranked system, since their opponents won’t be able to just bail on matches that they appear to be losing and not lose any ranking points. Third, if players are concerned about being banned, perhaps they will plug in an ethernet adapter and work on their networking issues to ensure that they won’t be dropped in the middle of the match (which should, in turn, make their connection to their opponent even better with less lag.)

These rage quitting penalty changes went live immediately this morning in Dragon Ball FighterZ with no patch, as it was a server side change. 


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