New Details on Upcoming Dr. Mundo Rework Unveiled

by in League of Legends | Jan, 8th 2021

The long-awaited Dr. Mundo rework has just been revealed online thanks to a dev post on the League of Legends website! And, frankly, it’s quite a fascinating dive into one of League’s more polarizing champions. Generally speaking, you either love or abhor Dr. Mundo. There’s really no middle ground. Some players love his simplicity and sheer tankiness that come into play in the late game, whereas others despise the fact that, even with ample Grievous Wounds, he’s often impossible to take down. He’s throwing cleaver after cleaver, laughing out of his mind, and yet there’s very little you can do to stop him.

And now he’ll finally look like an actual champion, rather than an oversized, disproportionate relic of the past!

Dr. Mundo Rework | A Quick Primer

Riot initially set out to accomplish three concrete goals with this Dr. Mundo rework:

  • Improve Mundo’s look and align it with the current LoL aesthetic
  • Enhance his ability kit but maintain his core identity (a cleaver-wielding monstrosity with a ton of stamina and HP regen)
  • Keep Mundo as simple to play as possible

For the first part, Riot wanted to build on the humoristic “mad scientist” vibe — a doctor that’s half genius half simpleton, depending on the mood he’s in. They’ve also had a lot of fun with his animations, which you’ll best see in action once Mundo starts attacking turrets

Updated visuals for Mundo

His physique is more “chemically improved,” highlighted by his absurd strength and “complete disregard for pain.” Once Mundo activates his ultimate, he’ll shred his remaining clothes and increase in size. Mundo was, generally, always an imposing champion, especially once he started running at you like a maniac. That whole experience has now been made even more menacing — Mundo will now look and feel like an unstoppable bulldozer that has more health points than you can count.

The three Dr. Mundo mains around the world are elated at this point. The rest of us, not so much. 

We still don’t know a whole lot about his updated ability kit, but it’s fair to assume that not a lot will change. Cleavers, an AoE Sunfire-like aura, and bonus attack damage at press of a button that’ll scale with his missing health. Simple stuff — like Mundo. In any case, we’ll be back with a more thorough breakdown once he’s shipped to live servers!

As for his release date, “spring 2021” is all that we have to work with at the time of this writing. March would be a pretty good guess, although that’s just a wild stab in the dark. Regardless, we can’t wait to see the reworked Dr. Mundo in action! Hopefully he’ll stand out in all the right ways. For more detailed insights, head over to Riot’s official website!


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