New Deathloop Update Fixes Performance Issues Plaguing Launch

by in General | Oct, 20th 2021

Arkane hasn’t had the best of luck when it comes to launching titles on PC, their previous game, Dishonored 2 had players running into a lot of issues, from stuttering to crashing, to all manner of problems plaguing the title. However, it took longer than normal to fix the game, and by then, the hype was over. However, their new title Deathloop still has some steam left in it, and a lot of the problems plaguing the issues from Deathloop’s launch are supposedly gone, according to the game’s patch notes. Now, Deathloop is receiving it’s first major update to fix most of the issues from launch.

Fixes Implemented in Game Update 1

Titled “Game Update 1” Arkane has made a lot of fixes to the title on both PS5 and PC. However, there are special fixes for both platforms, but the majority of them are dealing with the same issues. All information about the game’s new update can be found in their patch notes.

For the PS5, their main fixes for the game include an HDR calibration screen, Improved Vibrations on the Dualsense, Fixing Audio Mix quality, and most importantly, making the performance and stability of the game better when running the game in Ray Tracing Mode. 

For the PC, the biggest problem plaguing the game from the launch was performance issues. Players were lamenting in the game having constant frame drops from the game’s launch, making the game nearly unplayable on keyboard and mouse. This was something that was addressed for Deathloop, and hopefully is missing from the game upon the newest update. As well, Nivida DLSS is now implemented into the game, allowing for higher fidelity graphics while still being able to play the game at a solid framerate. On top of the fixes for the camera, performance and stability have also been greatly improved especially with the ray-tracing function as well. For those who want to play the game with the PS5’s Dual Sense Feature, the addition of speaker support for the game has also been added, so Radio calls with Julianna are going to be played through the controller if the player chooses so. 

General Fixes in Game Update 1

Other additions to the game include fixes for NPC pathing and reactions to the player, something a lot of players were complaining about. It’s been noted that the game’s NPC’s are a little too stupid, and won’t react accordingly to the player. This is hopefully fixed. 

Another major problem plaguing the game was the unlock requirements for two specific achievements, “oops” and “Deathday Suit” The first achievement is simple, and it’s to kick an NPC to their demise, the second however is a little trickier, the player needs to find the streaking NPC, and take them out in every location in a single day. For some reason, the game has been not allowing players to unlock these, and it’s only now that Arkane has seemingly fixed this issue. 

Arkane has also fixed a crash for players playing as Julianna while using the Havoc Slab, as completing a feat in the game will reward the player with the game locking up, and then crashing. They’ve also fixed an issue where progression will be reset, even if the player changes their mind and selects “no” from the menu. For the gameplay of the title, it seems that one of the visionaries has been tweaked, Alexis Dorsey, whose character is wearing a mask, is one of the tricker Visionaries to kill, as all of his party guests are all wearing the same masks. Players can cause Alexis to stand out from the crowd by doing certain things, making him easier to kill. These have been tweaked to be more animated, making it easier to spot him.

One of the last things to be changed that was important to the game, was that some players had the uncanny ability to unlock achievements meant for colt while playing as Julianna, making them infinitely easier to complete. This has been fixed, so anyone who got some use out of that feature is very lucky, as new players are going to have to do it the hard way. This covers everything inside of the first Major update for Deathloop, with some of the major fixes out of the way, it’s more than possible that players are going to find themselves playing a more polished version of the game unburdened by all of the problems facing players at launch. For those who are interested in what this writer thinks of the game from launch, check out Esportstalk’s review of Deathloop.


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