New CAR SMG Apex Legends Weapon Is Coming Soon

by in Apex Legends | Oct, 18th 2021

Apex Legends is getting ready for yet another season as it has been a couple of months now since the launch of season 10 Emergence. With the formal announcement of season 11, we now know about some of the content that is coming to it, including the new CAR SMG Apex Legends weapon and more.

Apex Legends Season 11 Escape Revealed

Respawn Entertainment updated the Apex Legends official website today, showing off some of the content that is coming in the next season. Known as season 11 Escape, this new set of battle pass content and the like will include the expected changes and additions. One particular area that is not always guaranteed to happen in a new season of battle royale is a new weapon for players to try out. Though it happens in most seasons, new weapons are few and far between in Apex due to the balance of the game trying to be preserved. 

However, season 11 is going to be a marquee season for the title, showcasing some of the strongest and most elaborate content to date, likely trying to emulate past amazing seasons like season 7 about a year ago. As part of this, there is going to be a brand new weapon in the game.This new weapon is the CAR SMG Apex Legends gun. It has been a while since we have received a new SMG in the game, with the Volt being the last one and one of the most beloved new guns in the game at the time. However, that was a whopping five seasons ago when that last happened. 

New CAR SMG Apex Legends Weapon Announced

With the launch of the new CAR SMG Apex Legends weapon, players who are fans of the SMG categories will have a new toy to play with in the Apex Games. Not much is known about the Apex Legends version of this weapon other than some light details that were shown off about it today. This includes teases for how the CAR SMG Apex Legends gun will shake out in battle compared to its four SMG predecessors. It is noted to be one of the most flexible SMGs and weapons in the entire battle royale game, able to provide a wide range of capabilities for a weapon of its caliber. 

Not much is known about how this flexibility will work, but Respawn does state that it will be the gun for players who are looking to make a final stand in a match and be the last one standing at the end. That is high praise and definitely hypes up this gun as one of the best around. It is possible that the CAR SMG Apex Legends will be flexible in the way that you can handle it, be it both in short-range as expected for an SMG but perhaps more mid-range as well. Maybe with the right attachments, this gun can go toe-to-toe with not only other SMGs and short-range guns but mid-range weapons, too. 

Regardless, this is not an entirely new weapon for Respawn, though, as it was a weapon featured in the Titanfall series that takes place in the same universe as Apex Legends. It is currently unknown if this powerful SMG will play very similarly to its Titanfall counterpart, so we will have to wait and see. The fan favorite CAR SMG Apex Legends will not be the only addition from Titanfall 2 that will be dropping in the 11th season of the game. The Escape season will also feature other content that has been teased outside of this gun, including the latest legend. 

New Legend and Other Season 11 Content Is Coming

Rather than keep us in the shadows or allow for leaks to reveal the new season 11 legend, Respawn has gone ahead and revealed the new character today, too. It is the long-awaited Ash from Titanfall 2 who will be making the switch from Apex Games host to participant. Not much else is known about the latest simulacrum participant in the Apex Games, but we do know that she is not the only addition in the game for the next season. There are also the other general content that you would expect, like the new season 11 battle pass and a brand new ranked season. 

We presume that the new ranked season will not just be for the battle royale fans out there, but for Arena players, too. This will mean brand new rewards for you to unlock as you progress through the various tiers once more after the seasonal ranked split reset. But beyond the CAR SMG Apex Legends, the new legend in Ash, and all of the other unsurprising additions, there is one that is far more significant and that is the possibility of a new map. It has not been confirmed yet, but there is a high chance that this new season will feature a brand new battle royale map. 

New Battle Royale Also Teased for Season 11

It has been rumored for a while now that there will be a tropical-themed battle royale map and Respawn itself teases this with the season 11 updated website. There is a strange section of the page that simply states that “a storm is brewing”, teasing that players should remember that every corner of the Outlands is dangerous, no matter how beautiful it seems. This is likely hinting at the “Escape” to a tropical destination and planet that will happen in this upcoming season. It is expected to be quite the stunning map for the game, hence why players are warned not to be deceived by the beautiful views of the place. 

Nothing is shown off for the new tropical map in Apex Legends other than this simple description, but we should not have to wait too much longer to find out more. The new CAR SMG Apex Legends gun, map, and legend will be released sometime in early November with a launch trailer to happen before then. 


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