New Call of Duty Warzone Map Potentially Teased for Black Ops Cold War Launch

by in Call of Duty | Oct, 15th 2020

Activision may have revealed a brand new Call of Duty Warzone map that will reportedly be coming to the battle royale game in the near future. This new battle royale map will be reportedly based on the upcoming release of Black Ops Cold War and likely be based around it. 

Black Ops Cold War Trailer Potentially Teases New Warzone Map

As for how we know about this recent leak from Reddit user MrEarthboundFan, it comes from the latest trailer that has dropped for Black Ops Cold War. As you might know, the next phase of the beta test for the upcoming Call of Duty game has begun as of today and will go through the weekend. 

The new trailer has put the spotlight on one of the new features of this upcoming phase of the beta. This weekend will see the debut of the new Fireteam: Dirty Bomb game mode. This one will be one of the unique large-scale game modes where there will be a lot of players competing.

In the trailer, many are thinking that it might actually be teasing the new Call of Duty Warzone map. This is because some of the shots that are shown in the trailer of the Fireteam: Dirty Bomb map are actually pretty close to what we know from the battle royale game. 

There are two shots in particular that many players in the community are referencing as possible references to the new Call of Duty Warzone map. The first one is rather early on in the beta trailer where you can see a drop plane of some sort and players hopping out of it. 

How the Trailer Hints at a New Warzone Map

That is something that happens at the beginning of every single Warzone match as you and your squad are seen leaving a plane and then you are able to select where you would like to land. The other shot comes shortly thereafter and is the one that many have really grasped onto. 

This shot shows a player in the middle of the air diving down to the ground beneath them while there are other players shown with parachutes out. It is clear that the player is gliding down to the map, just like what happens when you are jumping out of the plane onto the map in Warzone. 

Both of these moments certainly correlate to what could possibly moments that would happen in a Warzone match. In this way, we could definitely see why there would be some who believe that this is a glimpse of the new Call of Duty Warzone map.

The one problem is that this beta trailer is supposed to be for the new Fireteam: Dirty Bomb game mode. While that might be the case, it wouldn’t be shocking if the same map that is used for the new large-scale game mode is also a portion of the upcoming second Warzone map.

Modern Warfare’s Multiplayer Maps Also Made the Warzone Map

A similar thing happened with Modern Warfare in 2019 where it had the Ground War game mode that was a similarly massive team-based mode. The maps there were actually parts of the overall Warzone map that you can play right now that takes place in Verdansk. 

It wouldn’t be surprising if there were some maps in the Black Ops Cold War multiplayer that were different areas of the main Warzone map that will be added. This is something that we have expected to happen as it would be the best way of bringing the two games together. 

But while we do think that there will be a new Call of Duty Warzone when or soon after Black Ops Cold War releases next month, we don’t actually think that the Fireteam: Dirty Bomb trailer is actually referencing the upcoming second map for Warzone. 

Here is the problem with this argument: the trailer is solely meant for the new Dirty Bomb mode and we do think that some in the community are looking too much into it. Activision has already made it clear what this mode is all about and the shots you saw were of the game mode in action. 

Why the Dirty Bomb Trailer Probably Wasn’t Teasing a New Warzone Map

In Fireteam: Dirty Bomb, there are parts of it that are inspired by Battlefield, especially when it comes to the spawn system. Players have a few options for coming back into the match like spawning right into a fellow teammate’s vehicle or spawning on them when they are out of combat. 

However, the third option that is available at any point is to just drop back into the match by gliding down with your parachute. This is exactly what you were seeing in the Dirty Bomb trailer as it is likely the beginning of the match where every team and player drops out of the ship and glides down.

Sure, it looks a whole lot like Warzone but that isn’t actually what you are seeing at all. But what does make this whole situation more intriguing is that there are files in the game that could point towards the new Warzone map. The name of some files include a “wz_forest_loadingmovie.”

That first part is likely in reference to Warzone while the forest part definitely looks like the first of the two Dirty Bomb maps that we have seen. There is no doubt that this could mean that the first Dirty Bomb map is actually going to be part of the new Warzone map. 

As for what the Dirty Bomb game mode is, there are 10 teams of four players each that are battling around the map attempting to detonate various uranium bombs that can affect the map and make it lethal. We could see this aspect also play into a future Warzone map. 


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