New BDSP Duplication Glitch Lets You Copy an Entire Box of Pokemon at Once

by in General | Nov, 30th 2021

Pokemon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl have been out for not even two weeks so far and there are so many glitches that have shown up for the game. There are exploits for getting Pokemon you should not be able to, cloning individual Pokemon one at a time, and even the new BDSP duplication glitch. 

A New Clone Challenger Has Arrived

With that said, there is perhaps no greater BDSP duplication glitch than the latest one discovered that involves cloning on a whole new level that we have not seen before. This latest one takes what the previous cloning glitch could do and far exceeds it with held items to spare. 

The original cloning glitch was discovered soon after the game’s launch, revealing that a user could create a copy of a Pokemon exactly as it is in the game as many times as they would like to. It was a powerful glitch that allowed you to create copies of Dialga, Palkia, all of your shinies, and so on. 

In addition to that, the original copy glitch could allow the user to create duplicates of any held item, like rare candies and master balls, with just a few simple steps. It would be time-consuming for bulk copies but still a welcome exploit for many players out there.

However, enter the new BDSP duplication glitch that has arrived in the game with a recent discovery from the YouTuber PanFro Games (compiled via Kotaku). The content creator shared a new video that goes over the duplication exploit and how it all works in the Generation IV games right now. 

Perhaps the starkest difference with this glitch is that, while it is a bit confusing at first and involves some oddly specific steps, it is a welcome exploit that speeds up the entire cloning process. Instead of just focusing on one Pokemon and one item that they can hold at a time, you can clone many of them at once. 

The BDSP duplication glitch has to do with duplicating an entire box of Pokemon in the game at once instead of just one Pokemon at a time. This is an unbelievably useful new exploit that will make the cloning efforts much faster and more lucrative than ever for all players out there. 

How to Do the New BDSP Duplication Glitch

As for how to do the BDSP duplication glitch, there are several steps involved. It can get quite confusing and specific as you go through it. That said, like the original glitch, you can get into the motions of doing it pretty fast and will be able to do it without a guide eventually. 

The BDSP duplication glitch begins with the player making sure that they have two boxes to deal with. One is full of the Pokemon you are interested in replicating and the other is an empty one to be filled to the brim with the same mons. 

From there, head into the first box and select one of the Pokemon that you have to view its summary. While viewing the summary, you have to activate a separate glitch to make the overall duplication exploit work. To do this, press the right and left triggers (ZR and ZL) along with the A button at the same time. 

Keep doing this until you have the double menu-overlay bug where you have these two menus on the top of one another. While this is occurring, return to the Pokemon box and move the cursor box onto one of the Pokemon you wish to clone. From there, press the X button, then the B button, then X, then B again.  

At this point, you should find that you are currently on the Pokemon battle teams section of the menu. While you are here, press the X button again, followed by the A button on the Pokemon menu. This is where it gets crazy as you will be on a menu inside of another menu. 

At this point, press the R button (the little button above the right trigger) and then press A to open up the list of Pokemon boxes. Press the Y button on the box you wish to clone and then press Y again to switch its position with the empty one you wish to fill. 

Then press the back button to back out three times in a row until you are finally back to the original Pokemon box menu. Proceed to one of the Pokemon you have here and then check its summary, similar to the previous glitch, and you will find that you have two identical boxes now. 

This even includes the held items, so you could have two full boxes of a shiny Giratina with a master ball in their possession in as much time as it takes you to do those steps. It is an unbelievably impressive and fast glitch that more than makes up for the sometimes confusing steps involved with it. 

After all, you can get an entire box’s worth of Pokemon and their respective held items cloned, rather than the slow process of doing just one at a time like was the situation with the past glitch. Furthermore, there is the fact that this method also clones the Pokemon without needing the sacrificial one like in the original glitch. 

This means that you do not need to catch any new Pokemon to make this work, making it the best possible BDSP duplication glitch around right now. It also means that it is possibly high on the hit list for Game Freak to patch out in the future, so we recommend turning off updates or taking advantage of it while you still can, or else you may not be able to do it for too much longer. 


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