New Apex Legends Online Tournament Dates and Growth Revealed

by in Apex Legends | Apr, 17th 2020

EA and Respawn Entertainment have revealed some major announcements for the Apex Legends Global Series. The esports series that has recently made its triumphant return has some new Apex Legends online tournament dates coming up as well as some significant growth.

New Apex Legends Online Tournament Dates Revealed

On the cusp of the fourth online tournament for the game, EA sent out an announcement about the results of the Global Series thus far and what’s next for it as well. For starters, the announcement revealed that the series will be moving to weekends only to better fit everyone’s schedules.

In particular, the new Apex Legends online tournament dates include moving up the finals of both online tournaments five and six one day to now take place May 2-3 and May 30-31, respectively, rather than what it was before where the events would happen through Monday for some odd reason.

The decision behind this initial schedule wasn’t made clear in the first place and seemed odd, to begin with, given that most other esports leagues out there have events that start on Thursday, Friday, or Saturday, and end on Saturday or Sunday.

It isn’t common to hear of an event that happens throughout the weekend and then ends on Monday for no reason whatsoever. This was an odd initial choice, so it is great to see that EA is making the necessary changes to the Apex Legends online tournament dates to make more sense now.

More Tournament Schedule Details

What is intriguing about all of this, though, is that the online events will only last two days now rather than three like before, beginning on Saturday and ending on Monday. This is somewhat surprising since the event will now be crammed into two days rather than three.

It does seem odd in this case and it is uncertain how this will affect the schedule of the online events, and what this means for them. After all, it wouldn’t be too bad to have the events start on Friday and end on Sunday, which is a fairly common practice in various esports leagues.

Despite these new Apex Legends online tournament dates for online tournaments five and six, the next event scheduled to happen this weekend will keep the old schedule in place to not shake things up too much.

As such, players and fans can look forward to online tournament four taking place this weekend, starting on Saturday, April 18 and ending on Monday, April 20. Anyone interested in checking out all of the action as it happens live over the weekend can check it out on the official Apex Legends Twitch and YouTube channels.

Apex Legends Global Series Growth Also Announced

But the announcements don’t end with just the new dates for the Apex Legends Global Series as there is some significant growth that has happened for the battle royale league as well just from the recent changes that it made to an online-only format.

The growth has, specifically, been for the viewership that has increased quite a bit across the last couple of online tournaments. The average audience per minute has increased at least triple what it was from the online tournament two to three in just 14 days between the two.

These stats were taken from the Apex Legends Twitch and YouTube accounts, so the growth in viewership has likely been felt across both platforms. EA and Respawn cite the ability to quickly move everything to the remote format we have now using cloud-based production as the reason behind this major accomplishment.

“We’re always seeking to better serve our players and fans, and that has never been more true than it is today,” John Nelson, competitive gaming division commissioner on Apex Legends, said about the growth. “We wanted to give our community the opportunity to continue to play more Apex Legends and get competitions back up and running as soon as possible while ensuring the safety of all players, viewers and staff. The early response has been outstanding, and we’re looking forward to bringing great entertainment to even more fans with our upcoming tournaments.”

Changes to the Online Tournament Format

The Global Series is still is capable of delivering high-quality experiences for players and the community online. This use of the new format was previously utilized in the finals of the online tournament two on March 23.

That was at the height of when many changes were being made in North America and around the rest of the world, due to the rapidly growing COVID-19 global pandemic. Using those finals as a testing phase, EA was able to successfully roll out three more online tournaments, the first of which was very recently.

Online tournament three took place April 4 and 6, featuring a different way of handling things and also some great prizes for teams that do the very best. Teams were able to earn Global Series points for making their way up the leaderboard as well as a potential share in the rather large $100,000 prize pool.

The remaining tournaments that will happen this weekend and in May will follow a similar format, offering the same points and prizes but with the new, aforementioned dates. So far, the online tournaments have been averaging more than 600 participating teams who are vying for their chance at some Global Series points, fame, and a share of the prize pool.

The upcoming online tournament four will feature a ton of top-tier teams like the recently dethroned, previous five-time champions TSM and many others including Complexity, Team Liquid, Rogue, Luminosity Gaming, Gambit Esports, Natus Vincere,, and North. Stay tuned for more details regarding the Apex Legends Global Series soon.


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