New $500m Toronto Esports Arena is Bigger Than Life

by in Overwatch | Feb, 23rd 2021

At the Toronto Exhibition Place, OverActive Media has monumental plans in play. The idea is that by creating this $500m Esports Arena in Toronto, it would become the home of esports in Canada. Who are OverActive Media though? If you’re familiar with the Mad Lions (League of Legends), Toronto Ultra (CoD), Toronto Defiant (Overwatch), you’re familiar with OAM. Planned to go live in 2025, it will run reportedly 500 million dollars, but we don’t count on OverActive Media footing the whole bill.

Toronto Exhibition Place: Home of Entertainment

Esports is growing all around the world, and this proposed 7,000 seat arena is proof positive of that. This sounds like OverActive Media’s commitment to the esports scene and also having a permanent home for their major teams to play. The reason we think they won’t foot the whole bill is given that it will be located in Toronto’s Exhibition Plaza. OverActive Media hopes to host other events there – concerts, conventions, maybe even award shows.

That way, they can justify having the local government to aid in the building/financing, and they’ll get their money back from those other major events. The video that teases the arrival of the Toronto esports arena makes it look like it will be larger-than-life, and gorgeous. Sure, we aren’t going to get this anytime soon, and that’s fine.

CEO of OverActive Media, Chris Overholt spoke about the upcoming building:

“We are building a world-leading, 21st-century sports media and entertainment company and this best-in-class performance venue will be the chosen home for a new generation of fans that think differently about their entertainment choices and experiences.”

It’s also key to note that this is still very much in the planning phase. If things go awry with OverActive Media’s teams, we could see this go the other way. The developers/planners for this arena also worked on the design for other major arenas, such as the setting of the 2012 London Olympics. They’ve got the skill, the financing, and a solid need would be filled with this esports arena in Toronto.

Esports teams are worth major money now, and the Toronto, Ontario government would be foolish to not decide they want to get in on the esports craze while it’s affordable (at least moderately). This is a huge move, and a venue designed with esports fans in mind would be a treat. Toronto’s Exhibition Place already has a 20,000 seat stadium (BMO Fields), but what about something for smaller events and esports? This would easily fit that bill. It’s not like esports is going to be going away anytime soon. It’s only going to grow and grow as the years, and technology go on and improve.


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