Nevada Legalizes CS:GO Esports Betting

by in CS:GO | Mar, 27th 2020

The ongoing coronavirus pandemic has been a major blow to Nevada. Casinos closed and sports events, mainstays of the state gambling scene at sportsbooks, suspended operations. Many are unlikely to resume any time soon. While it may be a while before these leagues get back up and running, Nevada has turned to a new betting opportunity to help sportsbooks to find some recovery: CS:GO esports betting.

Betting In a New Way

The state gambling board announced the approval of sportsbooks in Nevada to begin taking bets on CS:GO matches for the game and its leagues. Sports betting company William Hill becomes the first to begin taking bets for it.

Previously, the state gambling board had only allowed esports betting on a case by case basis for specific events, such as the Dota 2 International and League of Legends World Championships. This is the first time an entire esports scene opened for betting in Nevada, though it does come with some caveats.

Those looking to place a wager on a match may only do so for match outcomes, head-to-head records, and overall season winners currently. Live betting can be on things such as round winners or what loadout someone is going to run not currently available. All bets must also be placed before the start of a match. Wagers are also currently only available for CS:GO. Other esports has yet to be approved by the board. More are sure to follow in the coming months as this begins to take off and sportsbooks begin to reopen.

Legalization Could Cause Problems

While many fans have long awaited the ability to bet on esports matches on a trip to Las Vegas or Reno, there has been a lot of trepidation around the legalization of the practice. Many fear legalization will lead to a surge in match fixing and insider betting in the scene, with the potential for illegal operations.

Those calling for caution point to the major scandal surrounding CS:GO squad iBUYPOWER that saw the permanent banning of four players for their participation in the match fix. These people believe we will see more such scandals in the future with this passing. Only time will tell if these fears bare any fruit.

We’ll continue to keep you updated as more esports become legalized in the state.


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