Netflix Geeked Week Comes With Updates for The Witcher, Cuphead and Resident Evil

by in Entertainment | May, 26th 2021

Netflix has been on a roll recently with its adaptations of video games and has promised more on the horizon for their upcoming shows and films. This includes Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness, which sees Leon and Claire after Resident Evil 4, and the upcoming animated show about the indie game Cuphead. However, with little word about the status of these shows, Netflix has decided to throw viewers a bone with the announcement of Geeked Week, an online event showing off all the shows mentioned previously and more. 

What to Expect From Geeked Week

Posted on the Netflix Geeked Twitter account, Geeked Week is an online event running from June 7-11, showing off multiple shows, films, and more to viewers, focusing on their more nerd-related IPs. The event promises first looks, big news, and more from shows like The Witcher, the adaptation of the books CD Projekt Red’s games came from, Resident Evil, and The Cuphead Show!, an animated series starring Cuphead. 

Netflix has more adaptations in their back pocket that they’ve been working on. However, not much is known about the shows mentioned in the promotional material for the event. The Witcher is currently in production for its second season, and not much has been revealed about the show’s progress. The Cuphead Show! has been known to exist. Videos featuring clips from the show leaked online, but nothing about the show is known aside from the fact that it’s coming sometime this year. Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness has gotten a release date and a trailer, as well as some green herb alcohol for fans to buy, and the second Resident Evil project Netflix is working on only has the synopsis available to the public. 

While it’s certain that information on the show above will be at the event, whether the live-action Resident Evil show will appear is up for debate. Another one that could make an appearance is the Assassin’s Creed show that Netflix is working on. While there’s nothing known about the show aside from the fact that it exists, what’s certain is that Netflix has made one of the categories on their schedule dedicated to gaming. 

Regardless of what’s coming to the event, fans can look forward to Netflix’s Geeked Week, especially for information about The Witcher, Resident Evil, and Cuphead. 


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